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Square Jaw takes on the Square Heads

World domination, it seems, is all the rage these days. If it isn’t self-immolating Islamic jihadists than its self-effacing Kofi Annan

And, once again, it looks like the US military that is taking the battle to the enemy in the shape of the formidable Colonel Oliver North who has rather brusquely told the United Nations exactly where they can stick their ‘Global Tax’

Clearly feeling the need to pick up the ball that was dropped by the Soviet Union, these posturing pompadours in cheap suits are working overtime to impose global wealth redistribution. Not to mention global equality, social justice, environmental protection and just about every other canard of a typical 1960’s student teach-in

Anyone who harbours misty-eyed romantic notions about the UN should disabuse themselves as a matter of the utmost urgency. It is not just an organisation that has long outlived its usefulness, it is the dystopic, despotic NWO-in-waiting

When George Bush has finished mopping up Al-Qaeda it might be prudent for him to unleash a few daisy-cutters on this lot. After all, it is always better to nip these things in the bud

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