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Media arrogance and stupidity

The Daily Mail, a newspaper that if I ever do link to it will be filed under the “Havens of fluorescent idiocy” section, had as its front page headline on monday:


America poured scorn last night on British concerns over the treatment of Al Qaeda suspects in Cuba

So in spite of the fact no less than five polls in Britain show support of about 90% for US actions in Cuba, somehow “Britain” is being snubbed. Not “the British Government” or “elements of the British media” but “Britain” is being snubbed.

So presumably the 90% of people in Britain who appear to support the US are, well, not Britain. The 10% that supports the anti-American media elite and establishment and who were presumably ‘snubbed’…that must therefore be “Britain” according to the Daily Mail. Interesting.

And so then just who the hell are the 90% of people in Britain that don’t feel in the slightest bit snubbed by USA?

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