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Libertarian goes to college: You libertarian racist!

Ah yes, the time of Dr. King’s celebration is here again. The time when young commies that I attend school with distort and lie about King’s message to the “African-American” community. So, let me get started right away with debunking the commies distortion of his message.

Lie 1: Dr. King supported government intrusion in the market to make things more equal.
Not true! Dr. King and other similar civil rights activists were smart enough to realize the oppression came from and was authorized by the state. Most KKK members either were or had connections to high powered lawmakers and were therefore able to evade harassment charges. The Supreme Court cases that came down the channel, Brown or Keyes for example, were about eradicating government intrusion in allowing “separate but equal” policies. Not to mention the fact that “separate but equal” was allowed by the Supreme Court decision in Plessy, written in the 1890s.

Lie 2: If you do not support affirmative action, you are a racist, and do not understand the message of Dr. King
Dr. King sated, quite clearly and quite loudly, that he wanted equality for all. Affirmative action gives unfair advantages to certain groups of people (women mostly) and discriminates against Asians and us white folk. Dr, King also would support a highly productive society, where things were judged by merit, not by the color of your skin. Cleary, affirmative action judges by skin color and not merit.

Furthermore, Dr, King would, I assume, be ashamed that people using his name are crying that they should not be forced to work hard for what they want. If you want to go to the best schools or to the best jobs, you have to work hard, and should not, Dr, King argued, be allowed to just claim your race as a reason for hiring.

Lie 3: You better take off Dr. King day, or else you are a racist.
Dr. King constantly worked, and therefore to honor him, I too am going to work. (Not really to honor him though, I just have to get work done.)

Lie 4 (the big one): Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the reincarnation of Dr. King
If anybody, they are the re-birth of Malcolm X, who by the way was a racist. Dr. King wanted to decrease government and those clowns want more government. Dr. King wanted more equality, whereas Malcolm X, Jackson, and Sharpton want inequality in favor of the black race. Which one is racist?

These lies are too easy to refute. The teachers and commie students do not bother to think and thus they are commie-like, Jackson supporters who lie for their cause. Pray for me this week as I attempt to not say any of this in class, so as to stay alive!

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