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New Years casualties expected

As the valiant members of the Samizdata Air Service deploy across the globe, spreading the good news about liberty and confounding it’s enemies, expect the rate at which articles get posted to slow significently as, one by one, we end up passed out under tables, asleep in strange beds or the centre of large steaming alcohol induced craters somewhere, mumbling incoherently about several property, Ludwig von Mises and some chick with short blonde hair and long sheer stockinged legs.

New Years greetings from this most global blog. Wassail and Cheers from:
Britain (Perry de Havilland, David Carr and Tom Burroughes in London; Natalie Solent in the Home Counties)
Northern Ireland (Dale Amon in Belfast)
Austria (Natalija Radic in Vienna)
United States (Walter Uhlman in New Jersey and Christopher Pellerito in Michigan)
Rlyeh (‘Samizdata Illuminatus’, somewhere under the South Pacific, we think)

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