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Bruce Willis versus Sting

Bruce Willis, as you note, won’t get on a plane to Britain and is going to get a few rasberries come Die Hard Whatever It Is Up To Now. In this he follows the heroic tradition of Sly Stallone who wouldn’t fly for fear of catching Foot & Mouth from the loo seats, or something. Oh yes, I remember now, his problem was fear of what we used to call “terrorism”. Contrast our own magnificent Sting, up there on Concorde! Quite takes you back to the cutaways in Eagle Magazine, doesn’t it, “Another British World Beater!” Just don’t mention the cricketers.

On second thoughts, while I freely award boos and cheers to all the right people, let’s not get hung up on gesture politics. Or on giving unwarranted attention to the irrelevant political views of famous hunks.

BTW on my husband’s Eagle Book of Cutaways the de Havilland Comet is right next to the Short Solent flying boat. Isn’t that cute?

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