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Shiver my timbers, shiver my soul / Yeo ho, heave-ho

From the genuinely scary opening sequence of Muppet Treasure Island

Shiver my timbers, shiver my soul
Yo ho, heave-ho
There are men whose hearts are as black as coal
Yo ho, heave-ho

And they sailed their ship across the ocean blue
A bloodthirsty captain and a cutthroat crew.
It’s as dark a tale as was ever told
Of the lust for treasure and the love of gold…

Shiver my timbers, shiver my sides
Yo ho, heave-ho
There are hungers as strong as the wind and tides
Yo ho, heave-ho

In other news, Tim Yeo has got the old heave-ho. Deselected as a Conservative MP by his constituency party.

For those unfamiliar with “Green Trougher” Yeo, this old post by James Delingpole explains why we mustn’t laugh. There are indeed hungers as strong as the wind and tides.

12 comments to Shiver my timbers, shiver my soul / Yeo ho, heave-ho

  • Mr Ed

    I have found that man so repulsive that I have been put off buying Yeo Valley yoghurt.

  • M. Thompson

    Good reason to kick him out.

  • Bruce

    “Muppet Treasure Island”: a classic!

    “The ocean! What’s that?

    “You know; the big blue wet thing!”

  • X Trapnel

    Did you hear the grilling he got from Eddie Mair on PM yesterday? “Perhaps you are just not Right-wing enough for your constituents?” asked Mair, helpfully, throwing down an interrogatory long-hop which Trougher obligingly belted away. No conflict of interest accusations thrown at him at all. He’s the BBC’s kind of Tory MP. But not for much longer.

  • 17 years and counting...

    I’ve never understood how someone with so many vested interests in the renewable subsidy industry could chair a committee that advised the government on renewable subsidy policy.

    Much as I’d like to rejoice at this news, I predict we’ll get another subsidy lover in charge of his committee and Yeo will carry on as Lord Trougher.

  • Barry Sheridan

    Gone at last! Why did it take so long? Especially as Guido has been on his case for years. That said it is amazing that people like Mr Yeo can behave as they do with so little regard for those who elect them. This contempt by some in the higher echelons is of course widespread, which is perhaps why Biblical teachings are now so reviled, after all these words point out our unchanging corruptibility.

  • SC

    >Why did it take so long?

    I think the reason it look so long to get rid of Yeo is this. Normally it is the left-wing media outlets, particularly The Guardian, who go after corrupt Tories. But Yeo was on their side in regards to green issues. So they chose to let him get away with it. If he was crooked in regards to any other area they would have done him over long ago. But he was a green (or a green-of-convenience), so they let him do what he liked. Same applies to the Labour party, and the Lib-Dems, who are full of greens themselves. They all knew full well what he was up to, but chose to turn a blind eye because it suited their causes. And the right-leaning papers were reluctant to go after one of their own side with any venom. So Yeo could do what he liked as long as he stayed green, and he did. He didn’t bother to hide what he did, he was brazen, because he knew that he’d be able to could get away with it for a very long time, and so he did.

    So there’s your lesson. If you want to be a politician-on-the-take, make sure you do it in the service of something your (apparent) opposition will keep quiet about.

  • staghounds

    Guardian says it’s his support of gay marriage and EU membership that got him ditched.

  • staghounds

    I’m sure that he will now keep every one of those sinecures, and get more besides now that he has so much more free time.

  • RAB

    Well at least you get comments natalie. I posted on Troughing Tim last night and not a bleein dicky bird so far, sob. 😉

  • Paul Marks

    This Member of Parliament is dreadful – the seat must be able to do better than him.

  • SC

    >uardian says it’s his support of gay marriage and EU membership that got him ditched.

    Nobody believes that (as the gay press hve noticed, he’s never voted in suppoort of gay marriage). That’s just The Guardian covering up for him again, and using it as an opportunity to make the Conservative grassroots look bad.