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Libertarian comes second to Ruler of the World


Are the horses trying to tell us something?

7 comments to Libertarian comes second to Ruler of the World

  • Paul Marks

    It was still the best bit of advertising that the word “libertariam” has had for years in this country. The “gallent libertarian” was one way the horse was described.

    As long as the horse owner does not turn out to be a sworn enemy of the nonaggression princple (apart from if someone takes them up on a direct challenge – in which case they turn informer) and follower of the collectivist doctine of “social justice”, I will be pleased.

    I am quietly confident that this will not be the case – race horse owners do not tend to be Guardian readers.

    As for the “Ruler of the World”.

    Does he print money and buy his own debts?


    So perhaps whoever owns this horse can replace the actual rulers of the world – who are insane (.e. they do such things as the above).

    Libertarians do not like the idea of “rulers” telling people what they must do – but if there must be rulers, it would be better if they were not insane.

    “Nukeing these cities will be good for the econmy – all that reconstruction work! The Multiplyer spirit has told me so. And the world is overpopulated – reducing the popualtion by X million will help prevent climate change and…..”

  • Mr Ed

    ‘For the loser now will be later to win, and the times they are a changing’. ‘The slower now, will later be fast’. Per the Byrds.


  • the other rob

    I see that “Galileo Rock” came in third. It doesn’t take too much imagination to connect that name with the interests of our own Dale Amon.

    A Samizdata trifecta, perhaps?

  • Rickard Thomas

    Paul, perhaps we should make a horse ruler. Maybe that Caligula knew more than we give him credit for.

  • In the run up to the Bilderberg conference being held in Britain, having Ruler of the World as the winner may well unbalance some people…..

  • RRS

    As to the question –

    “Are the horses trying to tell us something?”

    Of course, by speaking from every orifice; tune in to your choice.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes – I have never heard of a horse increasing govenrment spending (still less increase it whilst claiming to cut it) or imposing new regulations.

    Yes the horse should clearly replace Mr Cameron.