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“The People have spoken, the bastards.”

– Attributed to Dick Tuck.

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  • Regional

    Now Obama can be impeached, Hiliary will be plotting and scheming.

  • Disillusionist

    America has apparently decided that it really DOES want to be a nation of moochers. We’re doomed. Goodbye, Western Civilization – it was nice while it lasted.

  • Steven

    Demographics is destiny. Just try to live the best life you can.

  • rfichoke

    Now Obama can be impeached

    That will never happen. You’re dreaming. We’re past the tipping point now. Realistically, we were past the tipping point 100 years ago.

    Those of you who thought write-ins or third party votes would “send a message” are wrong too. It won’t. You’re dreaming.

    Those of you who think crashing the system will lead to restoration are wrong. It won’t. You’re dreaming.

  • Laird

    Ok, so it’s all going to Hell here. We’ve blown the only chance we had. What now? Is there anyplace else to go? Anywhere in the world which isn’t suffering from the same metastasized government/bureaucracy/crony capitalist/welfare moocher cancer? It’s a serious question: does it make sense to liquidate everything and flee? Where to?

  • Saxon

    Well, Congrats to Mr. Perry deHaviland!

  • Paul Marks

    If a good candidate could have won – then Connie Mack would have won the United States Senate race in Florida, and he lost.

    Sorry by the political CULTURE is no good now – not in most of the country.

    The leftist control of the media and the education system has proved to be critical – as I have long warned.

    This game is now over.

    Time for a different game.

    There is a presently an election campaign underway in Israel – lots of massive poster smearing the Prime Minister has someone who will bring nuclear destruction upon the country.

    I wonder who is financing them? The same left who operate in the United States?

    But there are fewer “daytime television watchers” in Israel.

    The welfare class exists here – but it is not as vast as it is in the United States.

  • Regional

    You’re correct but anyway the world economy is just a Ponzi Scheme with no one willing to expose the scam.

  • watcher

    We may be seeing a further step in the New way Of Winning Elections with the US result. By increasing number of dependents on state or national handouts then the benefit givers have a greatly increased chance of winning.

    No one wants to vote for less especially if they believe they have no chance of joining the ‘normal’ cycle of jobs and rewards. The slightest whiff of a candidate alleging to curtail freebies will ensure the faithful will vote the other way.

    Freedom is now seen as the freedom to be given more.

  • Myno

    The drain is circled. Hunker. Down.

  • Clovis Sangrail

    “Young man, there’s a lot of ruin in a nation.”

    The fundamental problem [watcher, rfchoke above] seems to be that the left [bad term – I suppose I mean the entryist/ Gramsci left] have worked out how to harness ruin as a tool for re-election.

    I now have four more years with all my academic colleagues crowing about the triumph of soft socialism and smugly pitying me; the prospect does not appeal.
    Anyone got a job for an able but aging mathematician?

  • Paul Marks

    Why flee Laird – there is nothing wrong with South Carolina that leaving the Union would not fix.

    “We tried that”.

    Slavery – the Union had the golden propaganda card of slavery.

    The Governor of South Carolina is now a “women of color” things are quite different.

    Still if you must go…..

    Queensland in Australia is O.K. – as is New Zealand.

    Not wildly good – but better than the “United States of America” under Comrade Barack.

  • Laird

    Actually, Paul, there’s plenty wrong with South Carolina, but I agree that leaving the Union would be a good start.

  • Randy

    Who is John Galt?

  • Sam Duncan

    “The fundamental problem [watcher, rfchoke above] seems to be that the left [bad term – I suppose I mean the entryist/ Gramsci left] have worked out how to harness ruin as a tool for re-election.”

    Exactly. They bugger things up, then tell you they’re the only ones who can save you. Gordon Brown tried this on a grand scale and lost, but there’s every reason to think that it will work for his party in the long run. I can hardly believe that Labour has even the remotest chance of winning the next election after the catastrophic bollocks it made of things between 2001 and 2010. But that’s how it is: big problems need big solutions, the bankers need regulated, the economy needs stimulus, and… didn’t we just try all that already?

    Hurricane Sandy shows this in almost perfect microcosm. There’s good reason to think that Obama’s statement that it’s at times like these that people turn to Big Government is, in fact, the case. Yet Big Government utterly failed to protect people from the storm, and is failing to clean up the mess.

    But that just shows that it isn’t big enough

  • PeterT

    For expats some places in the far east are ok from an economic liberty point of view, and the relatively strong societies in these places mean that there tend to be fewer laws and more implicit social rules which you are meant to follow but as a foreigner can ignore as long as you don’t take the piss. But unfortunately these places are not ‘home’ material and you will always be treated as a foreigner.

  • Allan Ripley

    This is the first national election in which I’ve voted where I am feeling comfortable at the results. Of course, I despise the current administration but I didn’t feel that replacing it with another same-but-different one would improve matters so I wasn’t hoping for a change. The current evil must be dealt with before we go about replacing it with a new one.

    I plan to engage in considerable rubbing of noses in bad results in the future. There will be many, many opportunities. I will continue to be an individualist-libertarian nag. When the county commissioners impose a new tax, a new regulation, or a new business opportunity for themselves, I will be there. When the economy tanks even further, it’s my voice they’ll hear. When they do anything that reduces liberty, impoverishes people, or grows their little empires, it’ll be me goading their clients into rebellion. Even the stupiest person can learn about fingers and fire, sooner or later.

  • . But unfortunately these places are not ‘home’ material and you will always be treated as a foreigner.

    Doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I’m already used to blank looks followed by SAYING THE SAME THING LOUDER right here in my homeland, whenever I venture onto the subject of politics.
    It’s convincing the wife that is the problem …

  • But unfortunately these places are not ‘home’ material and you will always be treated as a foreigner.

    I was treated as an outcast in my own land for believing in the inherent evil of the state.

    That was why I left the UK in 2009 and took up legal, long-term residence in the far east. Provided I observe the much more flexible social niceties required of a tourist / foreigner I have far more greater freedom in my new far eastern home than I ever had in the UK.

    The government here is just is more corrupt (in the legal sense) than the UK, but as there is no government welfare at all, the state can fulfil it’s functions and corruption on corporate and personal income tax alone.

    Foreign income is not taxed for anybody and there are no council taxes, capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes or any of the thousand other taxes that impeded my life in the UK.

    The life of the Perpetual Tourist is not suitable for all, but for those who would rather live free than live as a slave, it’s a reasonable compromise.

    Plus the weather is rather pleasant.

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    Paul, what is wrong with the isle of Man? They are the nearest enclave with a minimum of laws, or so I have heard.

  • Paul Marks

    The Isle of Man is better than the United Kingdom.

    But it does have 20% VAT.

    The rate of sales tax in Gurnsey is ZERO.

    And the income tax and business tax is the same as the Isle of Man (or lower).

    On the other hand – you have to be rich to be let into G or J.

    The Isle of Man is less difficult for an ordinary Brit to go to.

  • kentuckyliz

    The people I know who are going Galt are doing it in place. They are downsizing their small businesses to micro businesses or becoming solopreneurs, to be small enough in 2013 when PPACA goes into effect in 2014. (2013 is the lookback year to test for business size and employee hours.)

    All the layoffs and sequestrations, if/when it turns around, will be for split-up microbusinesses and project based contract work and part time under 30 hours.

    Going Galt means scaling back enough to avoid getting sucked into Obama’s wealth shredder.

  • kentuckyliz

    Obama is not going to be impeached.

    Congress impeaches and Senate does the hearing and the vote. Obama’s opposition has supermajorities in neither. The Senate is Democrat majority.

    I can’t think of what Obama would have to be busted doing to give the Congress enough confidence that the Senate would vote to convict in the numbers required.

  • Paul Marks



  • Laird

    kentuckyliz, I agree with both your points.