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Politics as showbiz for ugly people and even the more photogenic

This quote about the absurd Tory MP, Nadine Dorries, caught my eye:

“Ladies, if you really want to be Gladstone and Disraeli, it’s best not to act like Thelma and Louise.”

Of course, Dorries might secretly want to promote the idea in the public’s mind that MPs have now become so powerless and overshadowed by the doings of Brussels and so on that they don’t really have much point any more, so what is wrong with appearing on some moronic “reality TV” show? However, as a taxpayer, I resent paying this woman’s salary and providing her with an opportunity to make a prize twerp of herself. If she wants to make it in entertainment, she should do what thousands of other young actors, actresses and showbiz types have done.

Oh well, at least it means we don’t have to talk about four more years of Obama just yet. My prediction that he would lose turned out to be a dud.

Of course, for sheer entertainment value, we have Francois Hollande, the president of France, now that Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to four years in the slammer. Maybe the old “bunga-bunga” politician should be put on the show with Ms Dorries.

8 comments to Politics as showbiz for ugly people and even the more photogenic

  • It would be kinda cool if Dorries did act like Thelma and Louise, certainly in the sense of using a pistol to protect her friend from rape.

    Shooting the guy dead after the immediate threat has passed, not quite so good, and driving off a cliff at the end, not good at all, although that arguably exactly what Dorries and her ilk (definitely including most Tories in that ‘ilk’) is in the process of doing fiscally!

    Francois And the Two Furies are always good for a laugh. I do feel sorry for Segolene, though. Not only did that schmuck desert her, he gets the top job that might have been hers. On the other hand having to live with Valerie Trierweiler might be considered ample punishment.

  • Oops, should have put a spoiler alert in my earlier comment. Feel free to edit if you feel it matters. Although since the film came out in 1991 if you haven’t seen it yet you probably aren’t going to.

  • Julie near Chicago

    LOL…Natalie, actually I did see it. Dreadful experience. Wouldn’t care to repeat it. :>)!

  • Laird

    I’ve never seen it, Natalie, but perhaps I should. It’s important to be up on cultural references and all that, right?

  • J.M. Heinrichs

    For Laird:
    … the important bit.


  • Regional

    Wonder what a world would be like where politicians couldn’t influence events?

  • kentuckyliz

    Do you Brits get “Scandal” yet? Olivia Pope, the fixer?

    Tony Goldwyn plays the POTUS in this film.

    I’m like….daaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm.

    Maybe hotness should be a part of the criteria for running for office. More people would be interested in the issues and following the news in a more informed way if the optics were better.

    Tony Goldwyn for President.

  • kentuckyliz

    Sorry–self correction: not a film, but a TV drama series, in its second season.