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We may be fucked but we are less fucked than you… Part Deux

Sometimes useful insights about the state of the world comes from sources very far removed from the dismal mainstream media. This was taken from Knight Frank estate agency promotional bumf stuck through my door yesterday under the title “What nationalities are buying in your area?”

Given what has happened with the presidential elections in France we will be seeing many more French buyers shortly. We have also seen a huge spike from people in France searching on our website for properties in London.

Yup. We may be fucked but we are less fucked than you.

5 comments to We may be fucked but we are less fucked than you… Part Deux

  • Wolfie

    Wasn’t Gordon Brown a blessing in disguise? He did the right thing for entirely the wrong reason – keeping Britain out of the Euro in order to deny Tony Blair his place in history as the leader that lead us to our great European destiny. OK. Maybe not entirely a bad reason, but a tangential one to the main issue.

  • lucklucky

    How so? Britain is only kicking the can further and pretending…

    The problem is not the Euro. The US-English hate against the Euro makes them blind about what is the problem.
    It is the debt.

  • There were considerable benefits to staying out of the Euro. Interest rates could then reflect your own economy (although there were serious regional imbalances between different parts of the UK) and by doing so prevent the buildup of some of the debt in the first place. Currency movements could cushion you from shocks external to your economy. Places like Poland and Sweden have clearly benefited from not being in the Euro.

    What is breathtaking about Gordon Brown, is that despite all these potential advantages coming from staying out of the Euro, he managed to build up an extraordinary amount of debt anyway. Although Britain stayed out of the Euro, Brown managed to screw the country up in much the same way it would have been screwed up if Britain had joined anyway.

  • As long as your new neighbors aren’t “youths” from one of the banlieue’s.

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    You never hear about banlieuers moving, so I guess they think socialist France is more to their liking, with socialists being addicted to welfare handouts, and banlieuers being wlefare addicts.