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Could Brussels have been taken over by saboteurs, a secret army of eurosceptic infiltrators and spies masquerading as officials?

I only ask because it now almost seems as if Spain’s bailout was deliberately designed not merely to fail but to inflict maximum damage on the Spanish economy and the entire Eurozone. Rarely have I seen such incompetence.

Allister Heath

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  • veryretired

    Stop and think for a moment about the last century of worldwide statist/collectivist policy.

    All around the globe, movement after movement arose proclaiming that the well-being of the workers and peasants was their primary purpose, that this goal could best be achieved by the primacy of the state in all matters, and predicting that they would be so successful that they would last a thousand years.

    What was the result? A century of war, slaughter, pogroms, famines, purges, death camps, and unrelenting violence at a level that would make Genghis Khan and Tamerlane green with envy.

    Regardless of culture, of development, of social orientation, of color, creed, or location on the planet, the wages of the collective were, and are, death and destruction.

    No saboteur could dream of fashioning such a lethal result, no terrorist could imagine such immense destructive effect, no psychotic in his delusions could hallucinate so much blood and death.

    The elites across the globe have fashioned a series of massively statist and collectivist daydreams that are rapidly turning into the nightmares they were destined to become from inception.

    This is a surprise? To whom?

  • Laird

    In case anyone missed it, the rant on this topic by Nigel Farage the other day is worth watching.

  • Paul Marks

    Having previously called for a 100 billion Euro bailout of Spain the Economist magazine (current issue) now denounces it as “not enough”.

    Perhaps the only thing would satisfy the international “liberal” elite is for the European Central Bank to produce blank cheques and hand them out directly to the leading bankers (by passing the Spanish state).

    This would indeed “work” in that would “save the banks”.

    Those people who believe that unlimited credit-money expansion carries no cost (indeed is benficial “stimulates the economy”) can have no objection to such a policy.

    As for letting bankrupt banks and (in the case of Greece) bankrupt GOVERNMENTS go bankrupt…..

    That is unacceptable – a position supported by no newspapers, magazine, or broadcasters, in the European Union countries.

    Meanwhile in Britain……

    Yet another credit-money orgy of corporate welfare.

    Each one that is announced is treated (by the media) as if it is a new thing.

    Yet there have been many of these credit-money expansions (including the Cameron-Clegg government formally backing the loans).

    Why does no one remember?

    Why is each event treated as if it is the first?

    I do not understand.

  • Mendicant

    Central Banks, controlled by bankers, decide the solution is to give bankers more money.

    ECB head Mario Draghi, Goldman Sachs alumni, decides the best economic policy is to give his buddies at Goldman Sachs lots of money.

    A bit like having milkmen in charge of deciding how much money should be allocated to the milk budget, or asking a dog who the biscuits should be given to.