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Discussion Point XXXVII

Who do you hope wins the election in Greece today?

As a starting point for discussion, I thought the headline of this Guardian article “A Syriza victory will mark the beginning of the end of Greece’s tragedy” might well turn out to be true if Syriza do win, albeit not in the way the left wing authors expect.

11 comments to Discussion Point XXXVII

  • I will be interested to see if the Golden Dawn increases their vote share. They will be a great focus for all those who like to call any European party on the “right” fascist etc… for once they will be actually accurate.

  • For myself (and the Greek people I hasten to add), it seems the fastest route to a market-based solution is for Syriza to win the Greek election or at least be the largest party and therefore get the 50 additional seats that brings with it.

    My rationale is that austerity within the Euro provides no meaningful solution, it will only guarantee that Euro’s will continue to leave Greece and the Greek economy will continue to contract as a consequence.

    Only by the hard measures of Greek exit/ejection from either the Eurozone, the EU or both will Greece get the necessary catharsis to confront this problem head on and deal with it.

    Only Syriza is against “austerity” in the form of eternal internal devaluation, which is the millstone upon which Greece is being ground.

  • I agree with John Galt entirely.

  • chuck

    Hmm, Greece leaves the Euro, Russia comes to the rescue, Greece and Turkey go to war. Fun and games all round…

    Hey, it could happen 😉

  • The irony being that, in Britain, the anti-EU Right probably mostly wanted the Greek Left to win this election, and the pro-EU Left is now relieved that the “Centre Right” party won.

    The relief on the BBC news was palpable.

    Strange times.

  • That is exactly correct Brian. Very strange times we live in.

  • The result that has been announced is not a win for Greece it is only a continuance of the same failed policies which the Greek people will not accept and therefore it will only be a matter of time before this government is also brought down and so it will continue.

    This will only stop when the EU accepts that pouring money into Greece will solve nothing, but I think there is mileage in them preventing a Greek exit for the time being, so they will keep pouring money down the bottomless pit.

    It’s not as if it is the politicians or EU bureaucrats money is it?

  • Paul Marks

    The comments are correct.

    No major party Greece wants the Greek people to stand on their own feet and pay their own way – they are all pro “Europe”.

    Greece is like Scotland in this respect.

    As for the “Golden Dawn” – they appear to be barmy, callign for a Green style “pre industrial society”.

    Although Greece appears to have reached a “non industrial society” allready – as no one in the country appears to make anything (for example a “steel worker” in Greece is some who stand in a picket line outside what used to be a steel works – NOT a person who makes steel).

    Although Britain is going the same way on “deindustrialisation”.

    The Greens will be delightened – unless they personally are eaten by the future starving millions.

  • Andrew Duffin

    “Greece is like Scotland in this respect.”

    Except for the weather. Heh.

    I wanted Syringa to win, because that would have been the fastest way to get the whole evil EU thing to collapse, resulting in freedom and independence for the UK, which is my greatest hope and wish.

    They didn’t, so it will take a little longer.

    But it’s coming all the same.

  • llamas

    Wow. Just Wow. The Guardian article left me speechless with the denseness of its stupidity.

    Until, of course, I read today’s offering


    where Greek ‘austerity’ is being blamed for increased rates of violence and other injustices against women. Truly, the apocryphal parody headline (“World to End – Women, Minorities Hit Hardest”) has now come true.



  • Paul Marks

    I should who I would have voted for (had I been part of the Greek electorate) – but I was a bit upset when I wrote my previous comment.

    I would have voted for the “Independent Greeks” – on the grounds that they are anti bailout agreement and neither Communist or Fascist.

    However, I still have been unable to find out what their SPECIFIC economic policies are.