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Cool gun

News can travel fast these days, but this particular bit of news took its time reaching me. It started in Covent Garden, then went to Oddity Central, then to here, in Canada, and from there to here, which is based somewhere (I think) in a southern state of the USA, where I read it, I being about two pleasant little walks away from Covent Garden. And now it is here:

Icecreamists of Covent Garden, London has created the Vice Lolly, a sacrilegious gun-shaped frozen treat made from holy water from a sacred spring in Lourdes, France, 80% alcohol absinthe and sugar.

According to this, this gun is still perfectly legal here in Britain. Nevertheless, my first thought was (hence that link): isn’t there some kind of law here against replica guns? Call it the chilling effect.

Would you prefer me to be more serious about guns in Britain? Not tonight thank you. The subject is too depressing.

3 comments to Cool gun

  • Good grief what a depressing forum thread your this link is. Thank God for Grumpy275 coming in near the end.

  • Hmm

    The permanently fraidy who create and maintain the UK gun phobic laws need urgent help in basic common sense & logic … I totally agree with Rob about that thread where thankfully Grumpy275 turns up to cut off their crap at the end.

    (Grumpy’s comment) deserves wider publishing .

  • Hmm

    I’m all in a tingle waiting for the Icecreamists to launch their Bacon flavoured lolly in the shape of mohammed’s cock.