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“I am your father?”

Disappointingly, it seems that some of these scenes of the happy family life of a Star Wars stormtrooper may have been faked. In the comments to this Daily Mail article, “John, Bristol’ claims that “the small one is a Lego toy.” I shall leave readers to make up their own minds.

3 comments to “I am your father?”

  • Kevin B

    From a link to another story on th same page:

    Open wide! The incredible pictures of a mother feeding her baby swallows

    I wonder if she cooked them first.

  • Hmm

    Those father and son shots were faked…

    …It’s old Empire propaganda footage -the small one is really Darth-Ewok. The images were circulated during the time he went undercover as Stormtrooper child in order to flush out any Stormtroopers that had gone soft.

  • I hate to be obvious here, but wasn’t the whole point of the second movie in the prequel series that they were all clones of Jango Fett (Boba Fett’s father) and that they were effectively ‘bred’ as adults?

    Utter garbage movie obviously, but if you’re going to post a pastiche at least be consistent with the canon – even if it is only a movie sextilogy.