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Samizdata quote of the day

“I wish Warren Buffett would emulate his father, Howard Buffett, the late Congressman from Nebraska. Howard Buffett decried the move to the welfare state. He wanted to end it. Also, he wanted the U.S. to get out of the Korean war and move to a non-interventionist foreign policy. Indeed, he was the campaign manager for Senator Robert A. Taft when Taft ran against Eisenhower for the 1952 Republican presidential nomination. I have a proposal for Warren that could cut tax rates for those whom he claims to care about and, at the same time, save having to raise tax rates on him and other rich people: get out of all the wars, close all the foreign bases, and save about $500 billion a year. His father would have liked that.”

David Henderson.

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6 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Laird

    Hear, hear. I second the motion.

  • $500 billion? Is that all?

  • Bob

    Warren has serious daddy issues.

    Also, reading a biography on him, I learned that he was askeert of nuclear war and wanted the U.S. or the West to disarm, because, at any probability of war or accident, over a long enough time horizon, tragedy must occur.

    Simplistic in the extreme.

    If, during some period, we can defeat or disarm a set of psychopaths that might use or abuse nukes, we are safer. Then maybe we can disarm.

  • John K

    There is a less than flattering article about Buffet in the Spectator this week. He poses as an aw shucks average Joe, who likes nothing better than a hamburger and a Cherry Coke. In fact he is one of the best connected members of the political-financial complex, the ultimate insider. I have no time for him at all.

  • persiflage

    Warren Buffett is no more than a very wealthy and very well-connected investor. He is not an economist, a tax policy expert, a “job creation” expert or a “sage” of…well, everything outside of the one trick of buying undervalued companies and holding on to them. You will be safely served by ignoring everything he says about anything other than the one trick he is (usually) successful at.

  • Paul Marks

    Howard Buffett was (above all) a dedicated antiCommunist. Everything else (whether the Korean war was a good or bad idea – everything) was a secondary matter to him.

    That is why it makes me feel sick when I hear Warren Buffett talk about how he “loved” his father. Waren Buffett being one of the people who helped put Barack Obama in the Whitehouse (as part of a general effort to keep up political connections – which is how he has made his money over the years).

    Warren you do know that if your father were still alive, he would kill you.