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Smitebot’s meatbits…

…have been rather unwell lately, hence it has taken rather longer than usual to get comments approved if they have aggro’ed smitebot. Do not be concerned if you have no idea what this means

12 comments to Smitebot’s meatbits…

  • Only the most naif of regulars will fail to have a full appreciation of the horrors of which you write.

  • We are merely the stars tennis-balls, struck and bandied which way please them.

    John Webster

  • I do not believe I have ever been smitten, which I consider a flagrant disregard of the Equality Act.

    I am taking legal advice.

  • You may want to look into its dietary habits, Perry, while cutting somewhat on exercise. I know both can be rather tricky for hunter-gatherer species, but there you are.

  • RAB

    I was smited five times in a single thread WhOOps, I was hoping for some kind of special award!

    The Dissident Frenchman popped in to CCIZ to explain that he wrote the software for the Smite bot, and not to worry cos it’s only a machine, not malicious etc, but that was about five years ago. Maybe it needs a Spring Clean Perry?

    And get well Perry!

  • Richard Thomas

    It means the smite bot needs fixing. It really should factor in leniency for regular posters. I appreciate that Samizdata is semi-anonymous but there are a few things that could be done.

  • I don’t imagine the meatbits are so easily upgraded, though the transhumanists among us are optimistic.

  • Richard Thomas

    It’s my opinion that it’s the job of bots to make meatbits as redundant as possible (so that they can go on to do more interesting things or be sick with minor consequences). I understand the rationale behind the smite bot but it’s about time for a 2.0. I’m sure I’ve missed many salient posts when I return to Samizadata because I scroll down to the last read post, potentially bypassing any smited posts that have become unsmited since my last visit. To be honest, I count it kind-of rude.

  • Alasdair

    As one smitten both with and *by* this blog, I would point out that one is an aspect of the other – and they both seem to work …

    Plus, in this day and age of a country ruled by a TOTUS, with legislation being signed into law by an “autopen”, having software/hardware directing wetware just doesn’t seem so extreme any more …

  • Richard Thomas

    At the very very least, the software needs to insert unsmited comments at the end of the message list with a note of when the message was originally posted instead of just popping it up un-noted in the previously-read messages. For myself, the messages I post are not particularly of note but some of the deeper, more thoughtful posts are more likely to include words or phrases that are likely to trigger the smitebot and that’s really unfortunately.

  • Laird

    As one who is smited with more regularity than I’d care to think about*, I second Richard Thomas’ motion. Especially when the meatbits are under the weather, on an active thread smited posts tend to get lost in the mists of antiquity. (But I do enjoy the “you’ve been smited” page!)

    And I hope the meatbits are feeling better.

    * And never, I would point out, with the slightest justification!

  • I can just picture Perry pulling his hair and screaming: “It’s a bloody machieeeeeeene!!!”