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Something more enjoyable for Friday

The Daily Mash site has overtaken Private Eye or even The Onion as one of the funniest satire sites out there, in my view. And some of its items are remarkably believable. I can just imagine some crusty, America-hating “young fogey”, or far leftist type, saying some of the things in the article I link to here.

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5 comments to Something more enjoyable for Friday

  • “So as well as Pakistan and America, we created Bono. And how do you even begin to apologise for Bono?”


  • “So as well as Pakistan and America, we created Bono. And how do you even begin to apologise for Bono?”


  • Ian F4

    Private Eye went down the tubes some years back, I stopped my regular subscription when the spartist crap from the “in the back” gang, trying to follow in the footsteps of their late doyen Paul Foot, started leaking into the rest of the magazine.

    The “MMR causes autism” and “Libya had nothing to do with Lockerbie” scoops showed how politically dim the “radical” team really were, SWP’er claptrap and journalism that was light years from the Bananaballs campaign of old.

    I first detected a change in mood that was particularly noticeable when former butt “gorgeous” George Galloway started his pro-Respect East London campaign with ne’er a twitch from the editorial. Other erstwhile victims were overlooked, and the reluctance of the magazine to pounce on the traditional leftist fodder became the norm, instead concentrating on the NuLab brigade.

    Paul Foot was a sh*tbag of the highest order, having worked for Maxwell all those years I was dumbfounded when Hislop allowed him back, and the rot set in shortly afterwards.

    I haven’t read it in ages, as far as I was concerned it was going the way of Punch.

  • Alasdair

    Hmmm – NickM in Stereo, eh ?

  • J.M. Heinrichs

    No, he was being serial.