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The bullshit at the heart of Britain

Jeff Randall states the bleedin’ obvious

Cuts, cuts, cuts. At this week’s Trades Union Congress, delegates talked of little else. George Osborne’s plans for reductions in government spending were denounced by his adversaries as “eye-watering” and “blood-curdling”.


This is what happens when the state is shrunk, right? Er, not quite. In fact, not at all. In terms of cash flowing out of the Treasury’s coffers, there is no evidence of cutting back. Total government outlay is set to go up this year, next year and every year thereafter to 2014-15.

According to estimates from the Office for Budget Responsibility, the figures will be £696 billion in 2010-11 (up from £669 billion in 2009-10), then £699 billion, £711 billion, £722 billion and £737 billion. These sums are not inflation-adjusted, but even so, they belie the idea that a demon barber is about to “polish off” the Budget and stuff its remains into one of Mrs Lovett’s delicious meat pies.

The lunatics took over the asylum many years ago and all that has changed is that a different bunch of lunatics are in charge now. How could anyone have expected anything else from someone like that jackanapes Cameron? Moreover he has been making the fact he never intended to shrink the state perfectly clear to anyone who has actually been paying attention for quite some time.


16 comments to The bullshit at the heart of Britain

  • Ian B

    Revolution is next tuesday. Please arrive Trafalgar Square by 8am. Bring a kagool and packed lunch, since it may be a long day.

  • I think we should all forget about UK politics. Nothing will ever change. Just let them get on with destroying the country.

    And we should all run away to a tropical island. It’s our only hope.

  • Ian B

    Oh, it’ll change. We must always strive to avoid the common misconception that we live at the end of history. Humanity has a very long time ahead.

    In the shorter term, there will be a reaction against the current hegemony. The key thing for us now is to strive to be the ideologists of it when it happens; last time that role was grabbed by the marxists.

    We’ll win this thing one day. Not next week. But we will win. We will win because liberalism is the only ideology compatible with sustainable advanced civilisation; all the competing ideologies, of Left and Right, are holdovers from more primitive social/technological stages of existence. We may never see it (but we may; history moves faster than we think) but our descendants surely will. Without running away anywhere.

  • John B

    I guess when conmen are trying to facilitate a con, the last thing they want is that you get a handle on the truth.

  • Laird

    I had to google “kagool”. Anyway, I have another engagement next Tuesday, so please start without me.

  • Sunfish

    Will parking be provided?

  • Verity

    David Cameron is so loathesome that I was shaken that any voters were takiing him seriously. And his communist “all women” shortlists, and his placing “ethnic minorities” ahead of indigenes whose people built and defended our islands for centuries and created our legal system, and his other fascist pretensions over local Conservative Associations, gave me the creeps. A right little Stalin. On his way to the Gravy Choo Choo in Brussels.

    All those chilling photo ops of that disabled child being slid in and out of NHS ambulances. (Message: “We’re just like you proles … dependent on our wonderful NHS that not one country has ever copied.” And that webcam bizarre Breakfast with The Camerons … whar in the hell was that all about? Real people getting up and getting ready to go to work and getting their children ready for school were going to tune in to watch the Camerons have their breakfast and showing how very, very comfortable they were this this disabled kid. That’s what their strange belief that anyone gave a crap about the web cam in their kitchen all about.

    I thought Tony Blair was the nastiest piece of work who had ever slithered into Downing Street, but he looks like a hero next to the slithery, slimy Cameron.

  • John K

    Hard to tell them apart Verity. Neither of them believe in anything much, apart from their will for power. The only good thing about the Conservatives was that they said they would scrap the ID card. By the end of the Blair regime, he had become quite deranged in his authoritarianism. Green Dave is earlier on his cycle, give him ten years and who knows?

  • Verity

    John K “give him ten years and who knows?”

    Ten years! I wouldn’t give him until tea time. He’s dangerous. He wants that first class ticket on the Brussels choo choo no matter what he has to do to get it..

  • John K


    I’m not saying Green Dave will last ten years, just that living in the bubble of power tends to make people mad the longer they stay there, and most are hardly normal to begin with. After ten years I wouldn’t be surprised if the Green Tosser was as authoritarian as Blair became. For the time being, he at least stuck to his promise to get rid of ID cards. It’s not much, but it’s all we can hope for these days it seems.

  • Paul Marks

    It was indeed a good ariticle by Jeff Randall – and I bought the newspaper (the Daily Telegraph) because of that article, I wanted to show support in a practical way (with my earnings).

    However, in the very same issue of the newspaper we have (in the newspages) Republicans who supported the almost trillion Dollar TARP and other wild govenrment spending described as “moderates” and their foes (actually people who just want to reduce the state a bit) described as extremists or nutters.

    And we have the CULTURAL PAGES.

    For example, the fawning review of the film “Made in Dagenham” – the film supporting GOVERNMENT ENFORCED “equal pay”. With offers of free tickets and so on – in this praise Daily Telegraph follows the BBC and Classic F. M. (more free tickets offered by Classic FM) and indeed the entire media – which is how a successful film is manufactured (or rather how its success is manufactured) and the public taught “Progressive” political doctrines.

    And, of course, we have the film critic Sukhdev Sandhu (no he did not write the review of “Made in Dagenham” he did not have to) – one of the main reasons I stopped subscribing to the Daily Telegraph years ago (I was rather shocked to find the swine was still there – but I suppose I should have expected it).

    In this issue he somehow managed to get a snear at “Fox News” (supposedly for the crime of believing in a “Moral Majority” a term from the 1980’s that I have never used anyone on Fox News use in all the years I have been a regular viewer) in a film review about a film that had nothing to do with Fox News.

    It is the drip, drip, drip, effect of the “cultural” people that is at least as important (indeed is far more important) than anything the good Mr Randall can write.

    Whilst the left is allowed to control cultural comment (even in a sopposedly conservative newspaper) hope is small.

    For, at least with the left in control, the cultural is indeed the political.

  • Paul Marks

    “Paul, are you really saying that without the leftist cultural influence – such things as the David Cameron leadership of the Conservative party would not be in place?”


  • JohnK


    You may well be right. Today I am reading that the appalling Clegg, a so-called Liberal, thinks legal tax avoidance is theft, and wants “middle class” taxpayers subjected to lie detector tests. It didn’t take long in power for this fucker to go absolutely barking mad did it? The daft bastard is starting to make an authoritarian creep like David Blunkett sound quite moderate.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Hate it and leave it, Britisher pals.
    Jack, Japan Alps

  • Laird

    The Alps are in Japan? Oh dear, my geography is even worse than I had thought.

  • SE962582C

    Indeed that there are not.

    The only “Alps” that there are, and that that one knows of, or I knows of, are in the European Continent, in the Swiss Cantons and Confederation in Switzerland, in Liechtenstein, Austria, Slovenia, and in France and Italy, the French and the Italian Republics, and not out in Japan nor out in the Far East.