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Cracks in the watermelon?

The “watermelons” – green on the outside, red on the inside – can sometimes be uncomfortable elements, prone to occasional frictions. The old left, with all its many faults, did at least favour industry and material wealth. And the cause of wealth creation can clash with the Green agenda, though let it be noted that the best way to tackle environmental problems, in my view, is for us to get as rich as we can.

Well it seems that the liberal-leftist film director and actor, Robert Redford, has caused some sharp intakes of breath among the climate change alarmists by airing a “denialist” movie at his Sundance TV channel.


(H/T: Big Hollywood).

An earlier version of this item referred to the Sundance Festival, not the TV channel. My error.

4 comments to Cracks in the watermelon?

  • the other rob

    I had to laugh at the title of the linked article: “Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel to Air Climate Denier Propaganda”.

    Not just the sentiment, but the shorthand “climate denier” – a term which means nothing in English, yet everything to members of the cult.

    At least “baby eater” made grammatical sense.

  • llamas

    I once met Redford in a social setting. Maybe it was just the night, but he came across as an insufferably self-absorbed pr*ck who would have benefited mightily from a sharp punch on the nose.

    Note that the movie is not being shown at the Sundance Film Festival, but on the Sundance Channel, a cable channel with which Redford is also associated.

    I doubt he picks the movies that get shown on ‘his’ channel. However, it will be instructive to see whether or not he says anything about this.



  • I think it was when Deep Throat was revealed a few years ago that some journo immediately felt the need to interview Redford for his thoughts on the matter. He accepted and answered at length all the inane questions with total seriousness. This tells me all I need to know about the man.

  • RAB

    Anyone remember this po faced scrawny assed old bitch?

    This is almost unfiskable, and look at the comments. They all put the boot in, and it is the Grauniad fer chrissakes!