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Sci Fi corridors!

Via the David Thompson blog – which has a weird and wonderful collection of oddball stuff every Friday, I came across this aspect of science fiction movies.

Some nifty photos and links on this website as well.

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2 comments to Sci Fi corridors!

  • One of the more charming things about the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is that Sunnydale High School consists entirely of a library and a single corridor. They clearly had no more sets, so everything happens in that corridor. (The library is a place of comfort for the four main characters, and doesn’t really count). As the budget got a little bigger, the school got more rooms. Then it was eaten by the principal after he had turned into a giant snake in the season 3 finale, and the show was never the same again.

    How I miss it.

  • The one with the corridors is great. Strange that it doesn’t have the ones from 2001 though.