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Two more killer soundbites

Hazel Blears (not one of our favourite people here) has just, in among a lot of ignominious verbiage about what a fine job the government is doing, done something unignominious, by contriving the following deadly soundbite, in today’s Observer:

YouTube if you want to. …

Which echoes Margaret Thatcher. This lady’s not for tubing, it would seem. (LATER: Except that … she is.) This collapsing government has been, like all collapsing governments as described by their members, failing to get its message across. No, the message has well and truly got across, but people don’t like it.

And the YouTuber himself has contributed another memorable one-liner, in the form of this outburst to a journalist last week:

“You are impugning my integrity.”

Well, yes.

Many have declared themselves baffled by Brown’s protestations concerning his own extreme moral excellence, which they often take as true merely because Brown himself appears to believe them, and his actual moral depravity, as if the two things together make no sense. Well, if you agree with him that he really is morally excellent, then indeed you will be baffled, because clearly he is morally repulsive. Actually it all makes perfect sense. He is, in his own hopelessly non-functioning eyes, a morally excellent person, doing an excellent job. Therefore all means, however depraved – intimidating colleagues shamelessly, robbing the rest of us blind – are excusable, obligatory even, to keep him in that job, and to prevent anybody else, obviously truly depraved, from trying to take the job away from him. Gordon Brown’s moral excellence in his own eyes and his moral depravity in all other eyes are logically intermeshed, his delusion of moral excellence being just one more item on the long list of all his actual depravities.

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12 comments to Two more killer soundbites

  • Someone once quoted me a British newpaper editorial from some time in the middle of the 20th century which essentially said “It is important we maintain good relations with the present regime in the USSR, because if they are destabilised and Stalin loses office, then the hardliners might take office”. (I do not have a reference. This might be apocryphal. If anyone has a reference, please sent it to me). The argument about how me must preserve the status quo because of the other terrible things that might be out there does seem to stick in some people’s minds for some reason.

  • RW

    Summed up by the old proverb “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”

    As an egomaniac, Brown’s personal interests are presumably above any conventional concepts of morality. It will be interesting to see his deterioration in the face of ever increasing public vilification – Guido and others arereporting rumblings from the bunker.

  • Chris H

    Heh hee, followed the link to the Hazel Blears article and just loved the almost totally one sided comment thread. Great fun.

  • “Red Leader to Red 3, killer chipmunk on your six!”

  • Kevin B

    If Hazel Blears were to turn up on my doorstep seeking to explain her governments policies, the first question I would ask would be; “WTF is a Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and WhyTF do we need one?”*

    In my ideal world, communities are self-organising groups of families, friends and neighbours seeking to improve their lives by mutual co-operation, and local government is a neccesary evil that provides a few basic services that the local communities can’t provide for themselves.

    The idea that central government should have any interest in what my local community does – let alone that there should be a whole ministerial department maintained at vast expense to the taxpayer to poke it’s nose in my affairs for the sole purpose of giving the likes of Ms Blears a comfortable living and the power over me she craves – is incomprehensible to the point of Pythonesque absurdity.

    So Comrade Hazel, scrap your whole department, and all the other prod-nosey, jobsworth supporting, money grubbing departments, along with all the laws and regulations they have spawned since their inception, and we might have something to talk about.

    *Actually, the first phrase I would likely utter would be: “Snick, snick! Get off my lawn!” Sadly, in this liberty loving country of ours, the actions would have to be mimed.

  • Snag

    Cheap shot about the non-functioning eyes. No need to stoop that low, God knows there’s enough substance with which to pulverise them.

  • Ian B

    The idea of “tubing” Hazel Blears is going to give me nightmares tonight, I know it.

    As to “communities”, community in this context means groups with a gramscian class consciousness, not communities as in “people who live in the same sort of area”. So if you happen to be muslim, or born of muslim, you’re part of the Muslim Community, you interact with government through recognised muslim group spokesmen, and damn you to hell if you just want to be a citizen whose religion is nobody else’s business, because that’s not how we do things these days.

  • MarkE

    As an occasional contributor here, I consider myself as part of the Samizdata community. Does that mean the killer chipmuck is meant to be representing my interests?

    Ian, that is a euphemism (SP?) I’m not familiar with, and now I too shall have nightmares!

  • Paul Marks

    On policy Mr Brown and Hazel Blears are much the same – both have supported the wild spending and wild regulating that has been going on for years (although the education system and the electronic media, of course, denounce the Labour party government for “selling out to extreme free market ideology”).

    As for personalities – I have only met Hazel Blears once (at a local government conference), but the lady struck me as deeply dishonest and a phony all through.

    So this latest kicking at Brown whilst the man (no matter how bad he himself is) is down, is in character.

    As is the absurd claims that she is his friend and supports him 100%.

    Sometimes the sterotype of politicians is just a photograph of them.

  • Paul Marks

    Before anyone says it……

    Yes I know that, if the positions were reversed, Mr Brown would be doing this to Hazel Blears.

    What vile people.

    Are vile folk attracted to poltics, or does politics make people vile – or is it a bit of both?

    Certainly politics is a vile undertaking – including the local politics that I am involved in.

  • Sunfish

    Ian B:

    The idea of “tubing” Hazel Blears is going to give me nightmares tonight, I know it.

    Does this mean that you won’t be launching her modeling career?

  • Pete

    “You are impugning my integrity.”

    “Yes, Prime Minister but only because you are lying”