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Speaking truth to power

Quite possibly the greatest video ever…

… the pure essence of speaking truth to power. This video has no sell-by date.

a tip of the kevlar battle-bowler to Clark Carter

26 comments to Speaking truth to power

  • Kim du Toit

    I wish she hadn’t resigned her seat in the Texas House… we could use more of her in Washington.

  • What is her name, and why had she resigned (other than being a normal person with a life)?

  • These bastards need to remember, it is not just guns, the effing LAW is supposed to be a protection from the state, not a club to bludgeon us.

  • Well Counting Cats, I am very much in favour of the effing LAW.

    I have some very cheerful memories of those laws from the 1990’s.

  • Gabriel

    Look at Chuck Schumer smirking at 2:48. What a despicable little gnome. I feel like forming “Jews for kicking Schumer right in the mouth” to disassociate myself from him.

  • Bod

    Got room for some Associate Goyim in that club, Gabriel?

  • Gabriel, my grandmother used to say “because of Jews like that they hate us all”. She may have not been factually correct, but I sure can identify with the sentiment.

  • Brad

    Pretty much gets down to the nitty gritty.

    Unfortunately communication often involves common ground, shared experiences. How do you talk to people who are so far removed from cafeterias and having your life savings tied up in a small shop in a riot zone where insurers run to the hills? There’s is no commonality to draw from. It doesn’t compute.

    What to do THESE people fear? They fear US. Categorically. Doesn’t matter if we’re insane or peaceably going about our lives, we represent the roiling masses who must be caged and muzzled. Allowing us to walk and talk semi-freely is as about as far as they will go. So they don’t understand us, and they don’t think we understand them. But we do. We want to protect ourselves, from the outliers amongst ourselves, and those Powermongers who will do anything, step on anybody to maintain their power.

    So, we understand them a hell of a lot more than they give us credit for, and they are woefully out of touch with us. Makes for a wonderful backdrop to the likely undoing of civil order that is around the bend when the musical chairs of equity holders pitted against current laborers against entitlees. There are three players and only about two chairs in our (the US’s) economy. And whoever is caught standing when the music stops is going to out for blood.

  • Thomas

    Chuck Schumer can’t believe he has to listen to this big-haired female. What hellish backwater did they dredge her up from? He’s sitting there thinking how hilarious it’s going to be to describe her antics to the sophisticated set back in Manhattan and DC. He’ll probably include a bit of pantomime…

  • Kevyn Bodman

    What a terrific way to bring this clip to a close.

  • Gabriel

    To explain my comment, I have been musing, certainly excessively and quite possibly unhealthily, about the activities of these wannabe kapo scum recently.

    Anyway, great vid.

  • Gabriel,
    Much though it pains me to say… I’m agreeing with you again!

    I was at the pro Israel rally in Manchester yesterday. And I saw those deranged scum on the other side of the barricades standing along with the Trots and Jihadis chanting like rabid bastards. Utterly beneath contempt. One of the deranged fucktards was standing next to a loon with a piccie of that nice Mr DinnerJacket.

  • Mrs. du Toit

    That is Suzanna Gratia Hupp… “one person” who made all the difference in the world to those of us in Texas.

  • After the Columbine shooting in Littleton, Co, the Independence Institute sponsored a seminar and this woman came and spoke. I am not likely to forget her story.
    John Taylor Gatto also spoke and he said that the real story is not in how awful Columbine was, but that this sort of thing didn’t happen more often, given the insanity of most public high schools in america.

  • Paul Marks

    A fine video indeed.

    As for the other matter that is been raised in this thread.

    Yes – the evidence is very clear (and goes back years) no matter how counter intuitive it may be, the Marxists and the radical Muslims have made an alliance.

    It is not just a matter of being at the same place at the same time – they are actively cooperating (in many Western nations) have been for quite some time.

    Of course in the Hyde Park area of Chicago the leaders of the various Marxist and radical Muslim groups also live next door to each other.

  • RonB

    The sentiments expressed in this vid made me realise what we have lost in the UK – our freedom from an oppressive legislative and our ability to overthrow them.

    The Marxist and Islamist are joined by their common hatred of the rest of us.

    There will always be those who think they can join the enemy and control them. Eventually they learn they cannot but not before they have sold their souls and lost all self respect.

  • James

    I see that the Illuminatas has been reading Lew’s site, as the video link appeared there earlier today.


  • Condor

    The fire and spirit of America in her eyes. Especially the last 15 seconds.
    Women like that are becoming more and more rare.
    Her cries falling on the deaf ears of the soulless legislators. Be vigilant and never forget Kruschev’s words:

    “communism will come to America, and you will never even notice it”

  • Mart

    I love what Wikipedia says is a quote of hers :

    How a politician stands on the Second Amendment tells you how he or she views you as an individual… as a trustworthy and productive citizen, or as part of an unruly crowd that needs to be lorded over, controlled, supervised, and taken care of

    Sadly, as a Brit, we’ve largely rushed to put ourselves into that second category. It’ll take a very slow culture change to undo that.

  • I see that the Illuminatas has been reading Lew’s site, as the video link appeared there earlier today.

    Not that it really matters but nope, it was sent to us by Clark Carter and went into the CMS at 12:02:02… so maybe Clark reads Lew Rockwell, or also sent it to them or maybe someone at Lew Rockwell reads us (which I know they intermittently do). Dunno. In spite of their moonbat notions about foreign affairs, the ‘Lews’ are fine folks… most of the time.

  • Jdog

    Very powerful. Her testimony was amazing, but by the smirk on Schumer’s sanctimonious face, it was falling on deaf and oblivious ears. I wish we had several/any like her in office hereabouts in the People’s Republic of Maryland. Unfortunately, that won’t happen anytime soon.

  • Nuke Gray!

    What do you get when you combine an atheist Marxist with a rabid shi’ite- Unholy Shi’ite!
    I just couldn’t resist.

  • Her ending staterment got it exactly right. I have never carried, and shot only 40 rounds on an M1 in Navy boot camp in 1954. I guess I’m relying on women like this to defend me when the beltway crowd finally makes their move (don’t know how to make it grammatical, sorry).

  • Thank you so much for that video, it was deeply moving.

  • James Versluys

    I have never spontaneously wanted to marry a woman until right now.