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I don’t often praise The Times. It is too often busy pleasing the administration of the day, in order to maintain regulatory tolerance for its proprietor’s market dominance. But this is wicked, in both senses.

Commentary on Chancellor Darling’s performance yesterday includes a nonsensical Labour-loyal diatribe from Roy Hattersley… which is beautifully undercut by this by-line:

Roy Hattersley was Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer Protection, 1976-79

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  • James

    Hattersley – Sack of shit…I’m sorry if that offends some, but really, if you’re this determined to sink your country, I can think of no other description.

  • I quite like Roy Hattersly, I can’t stand his politics but he seems to me to have more character than your run of the mill Westminster suit.

  • Hattersley. Last time I saw him, he was dancing off the stage in Sheffield with Kinnock.

    What’s a he done since then? A radio show? A book?

    And this is pure self-delusion.

    it is the Brown Prescription that the world has accepted as the right remedy for the recession

  • “And this is pure self-delusion.

    it is the Brown Prescription that the world has accepted as the right remedy for the recession”

    More like sycophantic arse licking,worse than Igor.
    “Gissa job Master”.

  • James, the only things offended by your comparison are genuine sacks of genuine shit. Or tubs of lard.

  • RAB

    Ah yes! A man who, like Shirley Williams, has been wrong about everything , for all of his life,But…

    Still manages to get into the Newspapers!
    He makes a damn good living spouting bollocks in thousand word chunks too.
    And that’s from the so called right wing press as well!

    I only read his stuff now if the byline reads

  • Frederick Davies

    Things must be pretty bad for the government if the only idiot they can find to defend their policies in The Times is a has-been from 30 years ago.