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Falcon 1 status

You may remember I reported earlier this month that the launch window for the 3rd flight of the Falcon 1 opened around July 30 or thereabouts. We are now into that period and it looks like we might get a launch before the five day window closes: Falcon 1 is on the pad at Kwajalein.

There has been very little information floating around on the launch schedule this time so I will have to keep watching closely to make sure I do not miss a last minute announcement.

I will keep you informed.

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7 comments to Falcon 1 status

  • Soupmonkey

    I could have been the systems maintenance guy on Moon base Alpha. NASA I hope you choke on his leftovers.

  • nick g.

    What about Spaceship Two, then? Branson might beat everyone else into space, and do it commercially!

  • nick g.

    What about Spaceship Two, then? Branson might beat everyone else into space, and do it commercially!

  • Dale Amon

    Rutan has an expanded facility building SpaceShipTwo’s; at least one should be about ready for initial testing, if that has not already started. They will be flying a very careful test program and my understanding is that last years accident may have delayed them a bit. Best estimates now are 2010 for commercial service.

  • Dale Amon

    They seem to be getting ready. There is now a test video link. Nothing on it, but it is a good sign they are gearing up for a launch attempt within a few days at most. (Of course they only have until Aug 5 in this window!)

  • yea, it is a good sign

  • Jenny S-T

    Nick G, note that SpaceShipTwo would only go to 100km, whereas Falcon 1 is aiming for orbit. 100km is great, but orbit is significantly harder, so you can’t really compare them directly as “getting there first”. However, Falcon 1 can’t launch that often, whereas SpaceShipTwo is aiming for “airline-like operations” and flights every day. And they are both officially commercial, though SpaceX rely on Government contracts a lot more.