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The Revolution continues

Ron Paul and his campaign workers are still out there taking on the dirty job of rebuilding the Republican Party. If you are interested in what they are up to, you can watch this speech.

I might also add that I read “The Revolution: A Manifesto” while I was on the road for a month. It was pretty much as I expected: I disagreed with him on Iraq and vehemently agreed on almost everything else. It is a very readable tome and I will go so far as to say it will be seen as a classic. It should be on the shelf of every libertarian.

2 comments to The Revolution continues

  • nick g.

    If it’s so good, perhaps it should be added to the list of authors revered by Samizdata.
    That reminds me, how come those authors aren’t quoted often here, if at all? The Von Mises website acknowledges Von Mises as their inspiration, and quotes from his books, regularly, but I never see any words of wisdom from OUR Karl, Mr. Popper! Or Virginia. How come?

  • Dale Amon

    To be raised up into the pantheon is a step beyond the mere writing of one great introduction to libertarian ideas for the common man. Paul is more Apostle than Saviour 😉

    As to quotes? Hard to say. Quotes here are spur of the moment and usually related to current events. It is just what ever strikes the fancy of our writers. Also, we are more a general news and comment publication that happens to be libertarian in its editorial policy rather than full frontal philosophical. I’ll bet Mises Org doesn’t cover sports!