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Samizdata quote of the day

‘Market’ was the sixth word I ever learnt – after ‘This little piggy goes to…’

– Dr Eamonn Butler, author of The Best Book on the Market. Isn’t it great how we get children understanding buying and selling months if not years before the anti-market teachers can get their claws on them?

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  • Paul


  • If anyone has any tips on fortifying small children against the progressive cancer that’s peddled by the state in their ‘citizen factories’ I would welcome them. Noting of course that barring a lottery win private/home education is out of the question.

  • Crake

    tax them.

  • Thanks for the kind mention. Actually I stole the line from Geoffrey Howe, but it’s still true. I’ve put it on the opening page of my new book, modestly entitled The Best Book on the Market: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Best-Book-Market-worrying-economy/dp/1906465053/

  • Kevin B

    Yeah, but does it stick? We also teach them that Nanny is really a vicious wolf just pretending to be your kindly old Grandma, but when they grow up they still bloody vote for her.

  • I think this is a lesson you have to keep reinforcing as the the children grow. Tell them the story of what happened to the pigs who got addicted to “free corn” in one particular spot while a fence was gradually built around it. Finally, the builders had only to shut a gate to trap them all in.

  • WalterBowsell

    But doesn’t the rhyme have the line “[a]nd this little piggy had none*” near the end? It’s this line that nullifies the glorious message of the Market in the minds of so many for it plants the seed of all later ‘Social Injustice’ shrieks.

    None being no roast beef or jam depending on your ethics. For me, it was jam, I could never bring myself to find joy in inter ungulate treachery