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Red Ken roast in progress

If you are not watching it right now… ‘Dispatches’ is ripping Ken Livingston a new one as we speak…

8 comments to Red Ken roast in progress

  • Elaine

    Looks good. I missed the beginning so I’m going to watch it on C4 +1 at 9pm

  • Ian B

    Well, just looked at the site and they next have a programme hosted by harpie media whore Jane Moore fuelling the obesity epidemic myth.

    *sticks out tongue at Dispatches*

  • Dale Amon

    Actually I found it rather humorous that he likes his whiskey and it does sound like he’s sipping at the elixir of the Gods on a regular basis… I’d not fault him for that except that he’s simply in a position where the nanny state rules don’t apply to him. It’s part of the inherent elitism of the socialist intelligentsia that is no different than from that of any other power elite.

    It is also nice to see that even those who would otherwise be his allies draw the line at aligning the City State of London with Chavez and assorted radical Imams, and at least on those issues would have common cause with us and for similar reasons.

    That is important because we cannot win this fight alone. After all, the answer to “How many Divisions does Samizdata have?” is… none, unless you count the Queen’s Keyboards Regiment of London 😉

  • Thon Brocket

    At a tangent

    Relevance is that London’s Oyster cards use the same technology. Which might turn out tricky for Ken.

  • Julian Taylor

    Red Ken roast in progress

    More of a marinade I thought than a roast.

  • WalterBoswell

    Regarding the millions of pounds that “vanished”. Are Londoners filing this under corruption or stupidity?

  • Paul Marks

    On Red Ken’s breaking of his own rules (the racist ranting, the violation of health fascist directives…. and so on):

    Well yes Dale – we are “under socialism” he is on top of it (thank you Eric Blair – although you remained a socialist even after working out that socialist leaders just wanted to order other folk about).

    The upcomming election is useful experiment.

    Many people (including me) often make the excuse that leftists win elections because “the people do not know……” because “the main stream media hide……”

    In this case this excuse will not work.

    Local radio and local newspapers have expossed Red Ken as both a wild spending politician (the local councils in London collect the money – but he keeps demanding more for G.L.A. and they have to pay up and pass the bill on to the local taxpayers) and an anti semitic thug.

    No one who votes for Red Ken can pretend they do not know what they are voting for.

    So the election will not be a test of Red Ken – it will be a test of London voters.

    Are most of them bad people?

    It is as simple as that. For only a bad person (NOT a person with a different point of view – a BAD person) could vote for Red Ken this time.