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From Paxman’s mouth to God’s ears

It is all too easy to imagine a future in which our grandchildren will talk of having had an ancestor who worked for the BBC in the same way as people nowadays mention having had a grandparent or great-grandparent who worked for the Sudanese Political Service, or was a District Officer in Bechuanaland.

Jeremy Paxman, keeping hope alive for millions of Britons

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7 comments to From Paxman’s mouth to God’s ears

  • zeno

    I’ll take obsolete institutions for 100, Jackie

  • Paul Marks

    I certainly hope that Mr Paxman’s words come true Jackie – thank you for spreading news of them. As you say – whatever Mr Paxman’s intent, his words keep hope alive.

  • WalterBowsell

    OT: Anyone else get the rumours of Casto’s earthly departure?

  • James

    Yup, I’m getting those, too, Walter.

    It seems the blogger, Perez Hilton, is the source, so I’m not so sure about the authenticity of the claim.

  • Julian Taylor

    It is all too easy to imagine a future in which our grandchildren will talk of having had an ancestor who worked for the BBC .

    I really do hope not. Far better to allow biased quasi-socialist broadcasting networks to fade away into the oblivion they so richly deserve. If Mr Paxman had the courage of his convictions he would approach Sky, Channel 4 or ITN and propose a Newsnight-style programme which was free of the fraud, bias and political meddling reputation that the BBC now enjoys, let alone the amply demonstrated contempt that it shows to its viewers and listeners. Instead Mr Paxman will undoubtedly continue to act as the face of the BBC’s flagship Newsnight which will allow Thompson and the others to claim that ‘of course we’re not biased – look at Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight for example’.

    As for having Andrew Marr comment

    “This argument is more important in the sense that it is between the BBC and its owners and users.”

    Mr Marr, like the rest of the Wood Lane white elephant, still demonstrates that he does not understand that the BBC’s users ARE its owners.

  • ian

    the BBC’s users ARE its owners.

    …yes, but currently not all of its owners want to be owners and not all of its owners are users, so to a degree Andrew Marr is correct – although probably not for the reasons he intended.

  • Paul Marks

    If I am the “owner” of the B.B.C. why does it not do what I say?

    “Because you are only a minority owner”.

    O.K. – where do I sell my shares?