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The right badge for Blair and Brown’s limousines

The EU Referendum blog, a euro-sceptic site that I read regularly, has few doubts about a key part of Tone’s legacy:

There has already been a Cabinet reshuffle, in Europe. A new member has just joined the European Council. The shiny car in which he is driven to Downing Street should be bearing not a Union Jack but a ring of stars, to remind us of his coming servitude.

That also would be an acknowledgement of Tony Blair’s true legacy to this nation. Ten years ago, he entered Downing Street to a flurry of Union Jacks, waved by enthusiastic supporters. Today, he leaves – to an unprecedented standing ovation of the House – bequeathing his successor a blue flag with twelve yellow stars.

I would also add that a badge depicting Blair – and Brown’s – utter contempt for the traditional liberties of this nation, and our Common Law, might be appropriate. The trouble is, who among the broad British population would know what such a badge stands for?

17 comments to The right badge for Blair and Brown’s limousines

  • Chris Harper (Counting Cats)

    Ave! Duci novo, similis duci seneci!

  • Nick M

    Same clowns, different ringmaster.

  • A tweaking the European flag a tad can be seen here(Link)

    Note 26 stars, in anticipation of the UK’s exit…

  • Please leave message after Tone.

  • RAB

    I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Midwesterner

    I’m not sure what the badge would be, but I imagine the salute this lot gives will resemble Churchill’s ‘V’ for ‘Victory’ but with one less digit and the hand turned 180 degrees around.

    The badge may follow the same theme.

  • Nick M

    Actually Mid, in the UK the “inverted Churchill salute” is offensive.

    And it has an interesting derivation. “Flicking the V” to mean, near as damn it “fuck off” goes back to the English and Welsh archers who fought the French in the 100yrs war. If they were captured the French amputated their first two fingers on their right(?) hand to ensure they could never draw a longbow again. Uncaptured archers therefore used it as an insult against the French to demonstrate that they still could use a longbow and that the enemy was rapidly going to be on the sharp-end of an arrow-storm of yard-long bodkin-pointed bolts.

    We used to have a very different relation with our European cousins.

  • RAB

    Exactly! Sharp and to the point.
    No shillyshallying ! Unlike toadying today.
    Quite a lot of us Welshbowmen, like myself,
    were left handed though Nick.
    So the French would have been fucked either way!!!

  • Nick M

    A southpaw arrow against Johnny Frog? Rather underhand RAB.

  • RAB

    Bugger it Mun!
    You know what they’re like!
    You need an edge!
    I have two French aunts.
    I should know!!

  • Julian Taylor

    A Union flag knifed asunder to show the EU stars underneath would demonstrate Brown and Blair’s intentions perfectly. Mind you that would probably also amply demonstrate David Cameron and Menzies Campbell’s intentions as well.

    The Union flag in a puddle of warm urine would probably then suffice to demonstrate what they all feel toward their country and its citizens.

  • nick g.

    Interestingly, I recently read that Blair was kept from embracing Europe too closely by Brown, so we can hope that Mr. The Left Honourable Brownie will be good for Britain, at least in that regard. Let’s see what he’s like first, THEN condemd him out of hand.

  • MarkE

    Let’s see what he’s like first, THEN condemd him out of hand.

    For ten years Brown has been a loyal member of Blair’s cabinet and, by the standards of this government, hardly ever leaked against it (read that as you will). Even when commentators were advising him to resign to further his ambition he remained loyal.

    I think we’ve seen enough to jump straight into out of hand condemnation.

  • Julian Taylor

    I think Gordon Brown has built up a pretty reliable enough track record as chancellor for us to condemn the man’s arrogant incompetence without us needing to see him in action as Prime Minister.

    Every time in the past months that I have heard the BBC expression ‘prime minister in waiting’ I’ve shuddered.

  • If you would like to let Tony know how much you appreciate his efforts on behalf of the EU Constitutional ‘Treaty’ there is an e-petition here against it.

    Go on – You know you want to.

    That might also stop the new PM pretending to forget all about it with his Paddy Ashdown/Shirley Williams Flim-flammery.

    I expect they will pay at least as much attention to it as the road toll one, but still, nothing ventured…

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Brown has accepted the handing over of powers to the E.U. by Mr Blair over the time (whilst briefing the press that he is standing up for Britain and so on), and he has never suggested taking any power away from the E.U.

    But then Mr Cameron is not in favour of taking powers away from the E.U. either.

    On the E.U. question neither man is better than the other.

    Even on the recent treaty (the Constitution by the back door – with the E.U. as a legal entity that can now sign treaties with other states that have the force of law), whatever he says now (about demanding a vote by the British public or whatever) Mr Cameron would have supported much the same treaty had he been in office.

    In fact he is not even pretending to stand up for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland very hard. There is no real pro referendum campaign from the Conservative party.

    That would be “banging on about Europe” you see.

    And “election are won from the Centre Ground” according to Mr Cameron’s friend Mr M. Gove (or Grove – I can not recall).

    The “Centre Ground” is whatever the B.B.C. and the Guardian folk believe, and the Conservative party has never won any election by following them (not even Mr Major in 1992, he was quite tough in the election campaign, or Mr Heath in 1970 – quite a good campaign, which he later ratted on).

    Mr Cameron and his allies have no principles (values, beliefs….) about the E.U. or anything else.

    All they care about is “winning the election” – and they do not even have a clue about how general elections are won.

    They are certianly not won from the “Centre Ground”.