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Immediate assistance needed

The newly minted high-school graduate daughter of a co-worker is on walkabout in Europe and due to a train strike in Italy is about to end up at Gatwick in the wee hours. Her father is trying to find some place for her to stay.

Any suggestions on places she could find a room at perhaps 3am in London are welcome. Any of our Samizdata staff awake over there still?

4 comments to Immediate assistance needed

  • James Marwood

    Pretty much any hotel should be able to provide her with a room, even at this time.

    If she gets the Gatwick Express to Victoria Station she’ll find the lastminute.com booking office (actually just outside the station, next to the taxi rank). However I’m not sure what time this opens.

    drop me a mail at james (dot) marwood (at) gmail (dot) com if you need more info

  • Dale Amon

    Thanks for the advice. She is safely ensconced in a hotel near Gatwick. Should be much easier for her to find somethng in the city in the morning.

  • James Marwood

    Glad to help Dale.

  • andy

    If you guys are ever back in the area, the Ramada Gatwick Airport Hotel is a decent option for a short stay, its only around 5 minutes drive from the airport.