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And the interesting news in Britian’s media is…

…a new career for Brown… Melanie Brown.

“You mean Gordon Brown, the new Prime Minister, don’t you?” you say.

Hell no, what could be interesting about that? I mean Melanie Brown.

The fact we have a new Prime Minister makes bugger all difference. In fact it is hardly worth reporting. Gordon Brown says he wants to govern for ‘change’. Well the catastrophic abridgement of the civil liberties of all Britons during the Blair Years was certainly a ‘change’. And no doubt we will indeed get more ‘change’ under El Gordo, all of it for the worse… so that is hardly newsworthy at all. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

No, the most interesting news worth reporting is all about Melanie Brown.

Not so scary but quite hot

A singer called Brown. Vastly more interesting that some kleptocratic power crazed political hack called Brown

19 comments to And the interesting news in Britian’s media is…

  • dpatten

    Well, She certainly has a nicer rack than PM Brown…

  • RAB

    Yes I would !
    I really really would!!
    Even after all this time!!
    As long as I can wear earplugs.
    God forbid she might happen to start singing!

    Totally off topic.
    How are you and Adriana feeling after the African adventure?

  • How are you and Adriana feeling after the African adventure?

    Let’s see… one of our party caught Typhus, one got some sort of brain fever and I got gastroenteritis. Nothing a few days in hospital and a tropical diseases specialist could not sort out.

    Other than that, it was great! I acquired quite a taste for Zil Zil Tibs and Kitfo.

  • RAB

    Jolly good!
    Stiff upper and all that!
    Zil Zil Tibs and Kitfo ?

    Lightly fried domestic pets ?
    Or a kickin combo I think I might have seen at WOMAD some years ago? 🙂

  • Bill

    Never call me a stern taskmaster. If the singer called Brown just sort of, you know, stood around, I’d welcome her participation.

  • Quenton

    Uh-oh…. someone better call the FCC, I see nipples……

    You know, I bet traffic around here would pick up if this became a regular occurance. It’s certainly better than staring at the normal pictures of dour-looking British politicians.

  • veryretired

    My goodness. Politics would be a lot more interesting if some of the ministers looked like that.

  • It’s certainly better than staring at the normal pictures of dour-looking British politicians.

    Which is why I hardly ever post pictures of politicians.

  • nick g.

    Neither nipple is as clear to see as I would like, and I am developing eye-strain trying to make out the features. Who can I sue?

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Ginger Spice is my favourite. I am a curves man. V. Beckham looks like something you can get out of a Christmas cracker.

  • Jon, I agree with you there, that is for sure. Did you see that they weren’t doing it for the money? That was the funniest thing in the whole press conference. This is despite the fact that its well known most of them are broke.

  • Of course when it comes to Kleptocrats and people called M Brown, Mr G Brown appointed an expert to his cabinet – one Mark Malloch Brown as his “minister for Africa Asia and the UN” or as I called it his Minister for Kleptocrats.

    I agree with everyone else that Melanie Borwn is far more interesting though…

  • Allan

    She might be a better bet as PM, but when it comes to singing, I’d prefer Gordon.

  • Well, from the very little I have heard of the SG, both Browns are boring enough. Melanie is much better looking, though.

  • Note that whenever politicians mention “change,” they never say “change for the better.” Probably the closest they ever come to telling the truth.

    And, yes….I’ll take Melanie over Gordon anytime. It’s obvious from her photo that she’s the more honest of the two.

  • MarkE

    Melanie over Gordon

    You surely knew the image those words would convey! I’ve told my therapist to send his bill to you.

  • Kim du Toit

    Actually, I prefer the tall one… Sporty, was it? who had by far the best voice of the whole bunch. Little lacking in superstructure, though, but let’s face it, Ginger had enough of that for all of them.

  • I’m with Kim, Melanie Chisolm is by far the most attractive of the Spices. If only because she didn’t seem to have to try too hard. She can sing too.

  • Nick M

    How old are you people?

    This is infantile. Let’s face it the SG’s are “Borderline Boilers”* at the best of times.

    nick g,
    If you can’t make-out the nipples than I can assue you there are many more pictures of nipples to be found on this interweb thing. Some of them belonging to vastly more attractive women than those five caterwauling mingers.

    *”Your mind says ‘No!’ but your nuts say ‘Go!'” – Viz.