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More of the same

I just heard David Cameron on the news tonight saying that under Gordon Brown, Britain will just be getting “more of the same” of what it got from Blair.

In other words, Gordon Brown is a Blairite. Just like David Cameron then I suppose.

If you are going to vote, and you want a conservative alternative to Blair’s populist creeping regulatory authoritarianism, vote UKIP.

Otherwise just expect “more of the same” from both Brown and Cameron.

2 comments to More of the same

  • CFM

    Let’s hope the lack of responses to this post indicates the UK contingent of the Commentariat has already reached the same conclusion, and thus feels no need to comment.

  • I’ve been following Samizdata a couple of years, maybe more. This is the nearest to a party endorsement I’ve seen Perry de Havilland make.

    I’m glad to see Samizdata engage with democratic politics for once. Always better to have a horse in the race.