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Smoking and mobile phones come together

I usually make the point of only ever smoking a cigarette or cigar on No Smoking Day. It is the principle at stake, dear reader. For the remaining 364 days of the year, however, I avoid the weed. But for those who are less bothered about the state of their lungs or just love to smoke, here is a must-have gadget.

I think if Ian Fleming were alive today, he would make sure 007 had such a case for his Q-branch gadgets and Turkish ciggies (via the always-diverting Boing Boing website).

4 comments to Smoking and mobile phones come together

  • Julian Taylor

    Far more Bond-ish is this little gem

  • nick g.

    I wonder if the company would be prepared tp do odd jobs? For some time, I’ve been thinking that disguised guns and weapons would be the way to protect yourself, and a cigarette case would be a good disguise for a gun. A single bullet gun, but effective! Any budding ‘Q’s for the average libertarian out there? Why should only James Bond be allowed to protect himself with hidden weapons?

  • Rob

    So it comes down to a race to the finish, will it be electromagnetic radiation from the cellphone or lung cancer that gets you – could be close.

    I love the shooting ‘phone but do you know if it has a built in MP3 player?

  • Well we keep hearing about convergence in telecoms.

    What’s needed now is some drug convergence — simply add a contraceptive to cigarettes in order to reduce underage pregnancy rates.