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Samizdata quote of the day

“Hand-feeding is not appropriate to the species and is a grave violation of the animal protection laws,” said Frank Albrecht, an animal rights campaigner. “Legally speaking, the zoo should kill the baby bear. Otherwise it is condemning the bear to a dysfunctional life and that too is a breach of the law.”

– spotted in timesonline by Dizzy

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13 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Words fail

  • Nick M

    knut the polar bear cub is the cutest thing in the world.

    Can we have a picture please?

    More seriously. Albrecht’s point is essentially that if Knut is hand-reared then he may have difficulties hanging with other polar bears which is nonsense because the polar bear is essentially solitary.

    The version of this I read was even more bizarrely worded/translated and had Herr Albrecht saying something like it was “interspecially unacceptable” which sounds more like he was reffering to bestiality.

    Now I have seen somebody fuck a polar bear cub but the culprit was a Canadian and this was long ago and we were all very, very drunk.

  • Julian Taylor

    Can’t they just dump a large amount of live fish into the poor bear’s pool? Or would that be infringing upon the civil rights of a large number of herring?

  • Paul Jones


    Using this logic, we should kill all animals in every zoo, because none of them get their food ina natural manner.

  • David A.

    Legally speaking …

    As long as it’s legal!

    Germans just love their rules.

  • german.guy

    @David A.
    No, we love to avoid thinking for ourselves.
    I guess it is the same problem in the UK. We just cope differently, I guess.

  • Brendan Halfweeg

    Wouldn’t the lesser evil be to sell the cub to a private zoo and then use the funds to save more polar bears? Killing it seems to be baby/bathwater stuff.

  • John K

    The man’s a complete and utter knut.

  • R C Dean

    We had to kill the bear in order to save it?

  • Jso

    For the greater good!

  • Just John

    First they came for the dysfunctional polar bears…

  • Midwesterner

    Just John, you got me laughing with the truth of that. I think they are hypocrits when they oppose animal testing because what they are really doing in cases like this is testing social policy on animals first.

  • Eric Tavenner

    Just basic Lefty Logic.