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How appropriate

The president of our National Welfare Rights Network is a man named Michael Raper.

Surely an excellent name for someone who constantly thinks about how best to take advantage of taxpayers.

7 comments to How appropriate

  • Anonymong

    Hmm, thought better of calling him a “slimy little turd” though? Probably wise.

  • Well, he is, but I shouldn’t lower the tone too much.

  • nicholas

    At least his name describes what he does perfectly, but was he drawn to his job because of his name? I’d hate to think that when the state is thugging me, it really had no choice! (Hey! My last name is Gray, and I’m an anonymous drone in the NSW Lands office! And my first spoken word was apparently ‘teapot’! I was conditioned from birth to be a public servant! I am not to blame! I’m just another victim!!!)

  • Nick M

    I dunno nicholas. I went to school with a lad who’s first words were apparently “Combine Harvester”. He had zilch agricultural background and went on to study Business Management at university before joining the Paras as an officer. I see little or no causal connection between these facts.

    Just as an aside. How the hell do you get through school with a name like “Raper”? Why didn’t one of the many preceeding generations of Rapers ever feel the need to make that trip to the deed-poll office?

  • Paul Marks

    How do we know he did not go to the deep poll office to change his name to Raper?

  • nicholas

    Nick- what was the last name of your friend? Maybe his name has conditioned him! Was it Traktor-Trader-McRufstuf, of the East coast Traktor-Trader-McRufstufs?
    The public wants to know!

  • Nick M

    It was very common-place and none of the above and none of your business.