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The trouble with foreigners…

… is they are all racists, apparently. The paradox inherent in such a declaration might not be lost on Trevor Phillips, were he not now one of the official arbiters of what is and is not forbidden thought and speech in Britain.

How extraordinarily coincidental that this line should emerge from a New Labour appointee just before the Home Secretary is due to announce that settlement of Bulgarians and Romanians here will still be controlled after they become EU citizens.

6 comments to The trouble with foreigners…

  • Will it be settlement or entry?

    Freedom to enter and remain but not settle or work is a recipe for disaster. I have not seen anything clear or coherent on the matter from NueArbeit (Macht Frei).

  • Samsung

    Apparently, according to Trevor Phillips, Eastern Europeans are deeply racist and display predudice to black people. This no doubt will be used as an excuse to prevent them from coming to our shores. If you want to see predudice and racism in action in this country, as a young white Englishman, try going out with a Pakistani Muslim girl….. You will probably get your life threatened by the whole family with the tacit support of the greater Pakistani community. This “racism” game wroks both ways.

  • nick

    Of course, only ‘white’ people can be racist.

  • Steve P

    The third readers’ comment on the linked article states “It’s funny watching the race relations gurus implode without any help from the ‘far right’ “.
    Coudn’t have put it better.

  • fjdsj

    Nobody can be racist legally. Legal racism? What an absurd concept…