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So Jesus and Moses walk into a bar. They take a moment to look around. After a moment they look at each other and breathe a sigh of relief. Moses looks at Jesus and says, ‘Thank God that Mohammad isn’t here. This joke could have led to riots.’
Anonymous in a comment thread on Heliocentric is the hardest word

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  • RAB

    Feeling more relaxed ,
    Jesus offers Moses a gasper
    and they both light up.
    They are immediately approached by an undercover anti smoking officer.
    “But my good man, I am the son of god”

    Yeah? Well I’m with The Health N Safety Directive.
    I outrank you! You are nicked my Son (of God) !!

  • Me

    RAB, don’t give up the day job.

  • RAB

    Cheeky Bugger YOU.
    I had a whole raft of jokes about
    Jesus getting barred for turning the bottled water into wine to save a few bob, but I wont bother now with such a critical audience.
    If the point of this thread is to make anti-Islamic jokes , then it is going to be pretty thin. Muslims dont get the jokes, as you must have noticed by now.
    Flat out insult is the only way to go.

  • Nick M

    RAB, it would be the Customs and Excise folk who’d get Jesus for the water/wine trick.

    You have a good point about muslims lacking a sense of humour. You should read Jorge Luis Borge’s “Averroe’s Search” if you haven’t already. It’s about Islamic intellectuals in Al-Andalus getting a hold of Aristotle’s book on tragedy but his book on comedy eluding them. C.f. “Name of the Rose”.

    Everyone should read Borges anyway.

    He’s my fave.

    And that’s all bloody erudite for a Saturday evening.

  • Nick M: Borges rocks. Book of Sand and all that. Brilliant stuff. I agree, everyone should read Borges…

  • RAB

    Sincere thanks Nick and Adriana.
    I am reasonably well read but had never heard of Borge before.
    I just googled up his biography, and he is definately my kind of read.
    I’m off to Italy in a few weeks and he will definately be in the hand luggage.
    Unless his stuff is so explosive it gets confiscated at the check in!
    I’m fond of Peter Ackroyd, but he’s probably well known to both of you.
    Let me recommend Andrew Miller’s Ingenious Pain.
    Excellent book.
    Thanks again.

  • Nick M

    Now that you can take hand luggage…

    Even musical instruments.

    A terrible threat to our safety.

    I have it on good authority from the brother-in-law of the milkman of the best boy on BBC 1’s Spooks that Al Queda were planning to hijack a 767 with a piccolo.

    Or was it a viola?