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Those cowardly Soviets bailed out on them

I judge that the greenslime must be growing in confidence, since they are no longer going to the bother of trying to disguise their true colours:

Thirty-eight campaigners have been arrested during a “mass day of action” against carbon emissions at Britain’s largest coal-fired power station.

Hundreds of demonstrators were hoping to disrupt operations at Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire.

Offences included criminal damage, aggravated trespass and possession of offensive weapons.

One is obliged these days to read BBC reports in the same manner as Cold War warriors read Pravda. Hence we know that the term “campaigners” means a marxoid rent-a-mob of the Great Unwashed and the term “lively protests” (which appears elsewhere on the page) means rioting.

The “campaigners” have pitched tents (quite literally) in a muddy field next to the power station which, despite the sanctimonious rejection of all things modern, does have a website here. If you can be bothered to wade waist-deep through all the turgid, infantile agitprop, there are one or two chortles to be had, such as from this semi-literate gem:

Commercial policy- basically no activity that is primarily about profit, though there is NGOs there who is happy to get new members/subscriptions.

Anyway, it is all for the good I say. Let’s face it we all know who they are, we all know what they are and we all know what they really, really want. If battle is to be joined then it is best joined sooner rather than later.

18 comments to Those cowardly Soviets bailed out on them

  • tebbitt

    What should they say instead of “campaigners” — “Filthy hippies”?

  • Freeman

    Where do they imagine their electricity comes from?

  • Richard Easbey

    “filthy hippies” works for me.

  • Thon Brocket

    semi-literate gem

    … and you conclude with a paragraph containing three stock cliches, a punctuation error and a doesn’t-mean-what-you-think-it-means malapropism.

    Government school, right?.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    As I said on another thread, there may well be some truth behind the global warming thesis of some Greens, and defenders of liberty and the market need to figure out how, if at all, one copes with that. But these protesters are wreckers and have no answers to how, if we give up modern technology, we avoid falling into worse problems. If warming is not caused by C02 emmissions then we may need more economic growth, not less, to get us through. But as one suspects, the Greens do not have the welfare of this planet and its inhabitants at heart. In many cases, they are acting out some sort of personal quest to feel important.

  • I wonder how many were supporting the miners…

    Anyhow, I read/heard somewhere that Drax is not only LARGE but also very efficient. That is why it produces more CO2 than any other power station because it…produces more power than any other power station. Duh.

    It seems their education stopped before they were taught long division division…

    The BBC news coverage had some gems. Pprotesters trying to force their way through the police lines using an occupied baby buggy. Seems like half the population trains for that moment the way they wield them along the average high street.

  • A rep of Drax was on the news yesterday and said that though Drax produces 4% of the UK CO2 output, it also produces the most power for that 4%. Does that make sense?
    Most power per unit of CO2 emitted. Thats better. Sorry I’ve not had my coffee this morning. I have tried to get verifiable evidence of these statistics but putting “Drax Emission Statistics” into google gets you nothing but ‘mentalist propaganda.

  • Robert

    From the figures I found, Drax produces 7% of the UK’s electricity, so does very well indeed.
    The best pictures I have seen of these scrotes (on Al-BBC) shows several of them being seen off by a security man with a great big fuck off dog.
    They dont use electricity because they’re all dole scroungers living off the workers backs; what Pravda used to call ‘social parasites’.

  • Let’s face it we all know who they are, we all know what they are and we all know what they really, really want.

    Indeed we do. They want decimation. They want 9/10th of the world’s population dead.

  • greap

    They just banned me from their forum. All I did was ask if there would be sufficient parking space for my hummer.

  • J

    In many cases, they are acting out some sort of personal quest to feel important.

    That is how most people act, to be honest. Hence the large number of blogs around these days….

  • the term “lively protests” (which appears elsewhere on the page) means rioting.

    Rioting(Link)? Come on! From the footage I have seen it really didn’t look that bad. Annoying tree huggers they may be. I can also imagine some of the more determined ones being involved in sabotage. For the rest, the BBC’s ‘minor scuffles’ sounds more like it.

  • Nick M

    I watched it in absolute fucking outrage on the BBC. While I have considered the career path* I now know why I couldn’t have been a copper. I wouldn’t have negotiated politely with this scum, I would have caved their heads in with a baton.

    Which brings me to my point. Did ya notice that the front rank were all pushing prams? Some scrote even accussed the police cordon of threatening the kiddies when the marchers came into contact with it.

    It would appear that the greenies have borrowed chapter and verse from Hasan Nasrullah’s Big Book of Jihad. Particularly the part about dead and injured babies looking good on TV.

    Before I sign off, a question. Does anyone know if this lot of loons were in anyway related to those scumbags who dug up the granny in order to close down the guinea pig farm?

  • Nick M

    * Always fancied being a detective. Too much Sherlock Holmes etc.

  • Rich

    These are probably the same people who are totally against building nuclear power stations but argue that Iran has a right to develop nuclear technology.

    These people are beyond casual stupidity, they are wilfully, contrarily stupid. They talk global and act parochial.

  • Derek Buxton

    Now Cameron is joining the “greens”, does he think electricity grows on trees (substitute your own cliche). It will take just one volcanic eruption to change the figures, then what will they say. Seems the inmates have really taken over the asylum.

  • Colin

    Surely they could spare a bit of that power for an electric fence?

  • Paul Marks

    Rich is correct – that is exactly who they are.

    I watched a television interview with one of the “protesters” and, yes, the girl (sorry “women”) was just back from “protesting” at a nuclear plant – so much for being upset about C02.

    And, yes Derek Buxton, Mr Cameron is just like the above – he goes on (endlessly) about C02 and is opposed to nuclear power (because his rich kid friend “Zak” Goldsmith tells him to be).

    As for the latest bit of nonsense – C02 emission reduction targets.

    People will only use energy sources that are do not emit C02 when they are cheaper than ones that do emit C02.

    When, and if, that happens C02 emissions will collapse – and till that happens nothing much can be done.

    So the task is one for scientists and businessmen – produce energy sources (for transport and other things) that are as good (or better) than the C02 emitting ones – but are cheaper.

    Nothing than Mr Cameron can do.

    The windmill on his house will achieve nothing (wind power in general is a scam in this country – as Christopher Booker, amongst others, has been pointing out for years) and using a bycycle to go to the House of Commons (whilst a car drives behind him carrying his papers) will achieve nothing either.