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Another list

While I am on the subject of lists, check this out for the world’s 10 weirdest keyboards. I think I might give myself a serious physical injury trying to use some of them. (Hat tip: Catallarchy).

8 comments to Another list

  • I have tried to use the vertical keyboard thing…they were for sale in several computer shops I used to frequent. I used to have an ergonomic keyboard that at first felt like you about to fall over it.

  • Milo Thurston

    Thanks – most interesting. the Frog Pad looks very tempting, as does the Wrist PC, but it would take a lot to tempt me into giving up my Happy Hacking keyboard.

  • Nick M

    I’ve seen this list before. It’s cool. There’s not enough innovation in keyboards. The manufacturers seem to think we all want more keys that open Outlook etc. I want fewer. I almost got a roll-up recently but decided I had no idea how I’d use it. I use an IBM scrollpoint k/board and am tempted to buy an old original AT k/board as well. They’re kinda pricey for something 20 years old, but like Col Kilgour, I prefer a heavy to a light board” and the ol’ IBM k/boards will still be working when defrosted at the end of the next ice-age. The sensible part of me, though, says just get a Saitek illuminated for games at night. Anybody here got one? Do they have a good positive clicky action?

  • Nick M

    It’s only a prototype, but…


    … this is a babe of a keyboard with a super-cool feature.

  • I,ve had one of the Datahand keyboards for 3 years now. I went from wearing wrist splints from too much typing to complete comfort in about a week. I can’t imagine not having it now. Highly recommended.

  • Bernie

    I thought the laser keyboard was devastatingly cool looking but I’m sure I would end up using the rollup for comfort on the road.

  • The Last Toryboy

    I used the virtual laser keyboard, that really is spiffy. Its hard on the fingers though, as you’re tapping away on a hard tabletop rather than keys, so you can’t use it for very long I suppose with a bit of practice you would stop trying to press on the table but I know when I used it for 15 minutes I thought my fingers were going to fall off.

  • SteveF

    I’ve used Kinesis countoured keyboards for about six years. Kind of pricey, at US$300 for the QWERTY/Dvorak switchable and programmable model, but my wrists don’t hurt despite typically 80 hrs/wk at the computer. (And that’s mainly typing, text and code, not just surfing.)