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Falcon launch scheduled for Thursday

According to a statement by Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX:

“We had a great static fire today. Falcon was held down for almost three seconds of thrust (T+0.5s), part of which was under autonomous thrust vector control. All systems were green and no aborts were triggered.

Unless we discover something negative after a detailed data analysis, launch will happen on Thursday at 1p.m. California time.”

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas Day…

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4 comments to Falcon launch scheduled for Thursday

  • Nick M

    Well let’s hope it all goes according to plan and it turns out as Christmas, not Bonfire Night!

    I’ve seen strong men weep like children because their satellite was on an Ariane that went BOOM!

  • The USAF needs this launch to be a success almost as much as Musk does. The current planned merger between Lockmart’s Atlas V and Boeing’s Delta will wreck any hope of a real competition between them.

    Future versions of the Falcon should be able to challenge the big boys and their quasi monopoly on launch services.

    As the Klingons say “Kaplach!”

  • Julian Taylor

    Anything that shows up NASA as vastly overpriced, stuck in the 1960’s bureaucrats gets my approval anyway.

  • Jacob

    “Anything that shows up NASA as vastly overpriced, stuck in the 1960’s bureaucrats gets my approval anyway.”

    Any enterprise that isn’t funded by tax money gets my approval. (Not that it desperately needs it !)