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What on earth is Gorgeous George doing?

Since I live in Australia, I am not particularly up-to-date with the ins and outs of British reality television. Hell, I am woefully uninformed regarding television produced in my own country. So it came as a surprise to see Scott Burgess poking fun at George Galloway, who is appearing as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother. What is Galloway playing at? I do not doubt that for washed up entertainers and discarded spouses of stars, something like Celebrity Big Brother is a potential second, third or fifteenth chance. However, I cannot understand the benefits for someone like Galloway (or anyone in a position requiring credibility) of becoming involved in such a tacky programme. Contrary to popular belief, not all publicity is good publicity – especially in regards to politicians. Surely this must be mightily unimpressive to Galloway’s constituents. Shouldn’t he be representing them rather than swanning around some birdcage with a microphone strapped to his belt, making a tit of himself? Admittedly, he probably does less damage surrounded by morons in “The House” than in the House of Commons. Three words spring to mind – why, why, why? The only answer I can think of is that the man’s a bloody fool and an egomaniac, to boot.

57 comments to What on earth is Gorgeous George doing?

  • Daveon

    The only answer I can think of is that the man’s a bloody fool and an egomaniac, to boot.

    Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a winner!


  • Chris Harper

    < ,em>The only answer I can think of is that the man’s a bloody fool and an egomaniac, to boot.

    Um, well, yes.

    So you do know George then?

  • Pete_London

    If the celebrities – “cough!” – are being paid to appear then that may – just may – have persuaded him to appear. Apparently. So I hear.

  • Despite the fact he’s an utter moonbat, I thought that he must be somewhat intelligent to keep all those balls in the air at the same time. Guess I was mistaken.

  • Colin

    Judging from his Edwardian language I presume he has never lowered himself to watch TV and has no idea what CBB is about. I can imagine his family spending the evening playing parlour games such as ‘trot or stalinist?’

  • Johnathan Pearce

    The picture of Galloway lying in bed must be the sort of thing that parents could use to scare naughty children.

  • LMO

    I wonder what George’s muslim constituents will make of him appearing on such a show? A show like this probably confirms a few prejudices that many muslims have about Western society.This will surely back fire on him.

  • Julian

    Speaking as one of Galloway’s constituents, I am probably getting more service out of my MP by his appearing CBB than by his appearing in the Commons or roaming around the world on speaking tours. If they could introduce Christopher Hitchens into the house then so much the better.

    Considering George will probably deport himself in the CBB house with far more sobriety and eloquence than any of the other contestants he will probably only gain support amongst his muslim constituents. Certainly cannot harm him – he was not elected to perform serious business in to Commons; only to protest the war in Iraq and to remove Onna King.

  • RobtE

    The only answer I can think of is that the man’s a bloody fool and an egomaniac, to boot.

    Galloway’s stated aim:
    “I’m doing it for the audience, the biggest audience I will ever have. We need to use new and innovative methods to put across our arguments. I’m determined that there are no no-go areas for us and I believe Celebrity Big Brother will be hugely successful for our ideals.”

    I wonder what George’s muslim constituents will make of him appearing on such a show?

    See Naeem Parvez’s comment at the end of the above link for one example.

  • Chris Harper

    Actually, being serious about it, I don’t think it will do him any harm at all.

    GG is quite a charming fellow, regardless of his membership of moonbat central, and I think this will help raise his profile with some of those who don’t normally give a toss about politics.

    You can see them talking down the pub –

    ‘e seems like a nice bloke, wots the fuss about? Doesn’t seem like the nutcase the papers think he is; anyway, I like im.

  • What would be amusing is if he gets really drunk in the house and plays tonsil-hockey with some other guy in the house. His fellow RESPECT founders might not like that, especially one in particular.

    I refuse to watch CBB but I am rather enjoying reading the diatribes from those who are watching the show.

  • Pete_London

    From RobtE’s link:

    As he entered the area’s main mosque on Whitechapel Road for Friday prayers, Naeem Parvez warned that Mr Galloway’s presence in the house, where past inmates have got got very intimate with each other, might offend morally conservative voters: “Many won’t like it. It’s [sexually] mixed, women are there.”

    Passing over the fact that Parvez’s female relations no doubt live in a hole at the end of the garden, if our practices offend him and his chums they get a plane to whatever Talibanist paradise they find more to their liking.

  • Certainly don’t disagree with the sentiments expressed, Pete_London. However, it seems odd that Galloway – after courting and bedding the Muslim vote – would render this pact Faustian by appearing on such a show.

  • Della

    He actually seems to be quite enjoying himself, or at least looking more satisfied than usual. Almost all of his poitical statments are being cut because the TV company isn’t allowed to do a 3 week party political broadcast due to the broadcasting laws. I’m thinking maybe this sort of experience will make him feel like he doesn’t want to hang around with nutjobs anymore.

    He has been quoting Enoch Powell, and today he was saying that high taxes reduced tax revenue, quite strange.

  • Verity

    George Galloway was born in the slums of Glasgow – a Glasgow that is almost gone today. He’s a street fighter and he is very quick-witted.

    My guess is, he is no fool. This is all to pursue some end. Yes, just now, he’s married to the muzzies, but nothing’s forever …

  • Julian Taylor

    The Telegraph has an article about how money from calls by the public to support Mr Galloway while he is in the BB house will go to a pro-Palestinian charity, Interpal, a charity now being sued by US victims of terrorist attacks.

    Anyone interested might want to sign the petition to have this wretched man forced back into doing the job he was elected to do, instead of lounging around on “reality” TV or in his Portuguese villa.

  • permanent expat

    Galloway is a street-wise showman….and an utter prick. A wily & intelligent “member” but still a Member. Ask the Saudis if they would like to adopt him and ship him on British(?) Midland….(see today’s DT article on this callow carrier.) My doctor is becoming concerned at my choice of reading material.
    You are all living in “the House”; this so-called Reality Show. The meaning of the word REALITY seems lost in the Septic Isle…………..but fear not, it will all be clear when/if you wake up…& I do not envy you the maybe lethal hangover.

  • Johnathan

    According to today’s Evening Standard, the jackass has missed a potential vote on the London Crossrail development as a result of his being on the show. Classy.

  • Verity

    Jonathan – He’s not a jackass and he is not stupid. He’s up to something. This guy is as quick witted and has the survival instincts of a wildcat. Let us watch and see.

  • Verity

    Oh, how funny! Here is what the residents of Bethnal Green & Bow have put up! (Link)

    It was linked on Stephen Pollard’s blog today. What a hoot!

  • The Godfather

    I always understood Galloway was from Dundee Verity, but your are right, he is cunning and cleverer than many think. However this, to date, is a massive own goal. He is hated at Westminster and I can’t see him getting off the hook for this too easlily from the political/opinion forming classes (as he has done before).

  • Verity

    Godfather – you are right. Dundee. I remember him being born in an attic in a slum (well, I wasn’t actually there, but I read it) and assumed it was Glasgow because he represented Kelvin at the time. Not at the time he was born, though. Later.)

    I doubt whether it is an own goal. This is a very, very calculating individual.

  • James

    Quoting RobtE, quoting Gorgeous G:

    “I’m doing it for the audience…”

    On the ‘Spect website, apparently he’s doing it for Palestine… Of course!

    Perhaps this is a token of solidarity?

    I think for some it’s a bit of a dilemma… Keep him in or get him out? Ooooh, the drama!

  • Verity

    Galloway is infinitely smarter and more cunning than that talentless clapped out old queen Michael Barrymoore.

  • RAB

    I tried to watch this prog the other night, and found what amounted to an old fashioned test card up telling me that for legal or technical reasons, there was nothing to watch— but they were still transmitting anyway! go figure the mentality of tv execs.
    I don’t usually watch this kind of crap, but this has all the ingredients of a slow down and stare, gruesome car crash,
    Georgeous George! Apart from being a party of one, really likes to bonk! No really! ask his Palestinian wife, who is divorcing him.She claims he bonks everything that moves apart from her. The producers may have thought …Hmmm Rula Lenska go to it George!.
    Well, now there’s that Rula Lenska “Actress” (allegedly), Polish princess (Um what!) and all around statuesque pain in the arse, go ask Dennis Waterman.
    Ha! then there’s Barrymore! One of Britains most beloved light entertainers until the guy went gay and ended up with a dead homosexually raped dead body in his swimming pool. An occurance that he has still yet to explain.
    then we have a few z list mammarys and a washed up basketball player for colour…
    Like I said I don’t usually watch this crap, but I might just slow down and stare later tonight.

  • Julian Taylor

    Of course one of the best methods of dealing with Galloway and all the other seedy F-list celebrities would be to just switch off the cameras, as the Germans are now doing with their version of Big Brother. Imagine that publicity whore Galloway’s reaction to be told in 6 weeks time that, “sorry George, they switched the cameras off a long time ago – you’ve wasted your time there when you could have been on the golf course in the Algarve.”

    The other bit I am hoping for would be for Galloway to think that Pete Burns is not a transexual and to try and bed him.

  • Julian Taylor

    I also notice that they’re not using the swimming pool in this series of BB – is this because ‘Iron Mike’ Barrymore is in the house?

  • Verity

    Julian Taylor – I smiled at that comment at first, then I remembered that the man who was buggered, suffered horrendous wounds and was drowned was a straight family man. What a terrible thing for his family to have to live with. Why is Michael Barrymore still around?

  • James

    I didn’t believe I could have a preference for George over anybody else, but Jodie Marsh has now made that a reality…

  • Verity

    Between him and the talentless Queen of Has-Been Michael Barrymore, I know who I would rather go out for a drink with.

  • RAB

    Ok, I have just slowed down an had a peek.
    Ye friggin gods!
    My precience is becoming spooky!
    Gorgeous is chatting up Rula in a separate room from the Mammary moonbats of both sexes, who’s only topic of conversation is sex.No guesses as to which room Barrymore is in.
    I shall follow the rest of the proceedings via the leader pages of the Sun and the Sunday Sport.

  • Steve P

    Why is he known as “Georgous George” anyway? Is it one of those oxymoronic nicknames, e.g. calling a tall guy “Tiny?”

  • RAB

    Hrumph Steve,
    being regularly hetro I couldn’t really say.
    But even us regular folk know a well proportioned hansome face when we see it—And George has one… perhaps two … even maybe three!

  • it’s agitprop for people who don’t want to get their hands dirty.

    Goe, can’t afford reality.

  • fridgemonkey

    George Galloway was born in the slums of Glasgow – a Glasgow that is almost gone today. He’s a street fighter and he is very quick-witted.
    Verity, you plank –
    Galloway was born in Dundee, not Glasgow.
    Glasgow is still full of slums, just not round the Merchant City or the University.
    Galloway has never been a ‘streetfighter’, he would run a mile if a punch was ever thrown in his direction.
    What he is? Well I’ll start off the bidding with ‘a sleazy chancer who shouldn’t be trusted near the petty cash’…

  • Pete_London

    Well I finally gave in and gawped. For the first time ever I tuned in to a ‘reality’ show. There are three women I don’t recognise. The blond one really should hide that beer belly. I thought I recognised Rod Stewart in his 70’s leopard print leotard but then Rula Lenska looked up. There’s a tall black fella with alot of metal in his face – who’s that? I also don’t recognise the young, unshaven white bloke. He looks like he has a fruit and veg stall. Ah, just spotted Saddam’s friend in the corner. He looks small and very much out of place.

    Is this what all the fuss is about? People devote hours to watching this? I’m only 35 and feel more alienated from my own country with each passing year. What a contemptible place this is becoming.

  • Verity

    fridgemonkey – I conceded my mistake about Galloway’s birthplace about 20 posts above. Had you not been so eager to leap in with your valuable contribution, you would have read previous contributors and not made a fool of yourself.

    Glasgow is not still full of the kind of slums I am referring to. The old tenements have largely been torn down. In fact, I don’t know that any still exist. Council estates are a completely different kind of slum.

    When I said Galloway is a street fighter, I meant he is quick and thinks on his feet. There are Glaswegians like him who can demolish other people with very rapid and clever verbal arguments that destabilise their opponents. I cannot imagine him getting involved in a physical street fight.

    This is a man who has his wits about him and people should not underestimate him. I think he is dangerous because he is clever, not stupid as some of you would have it.

  • Julian Morrison

    For his constituents, no sympathy. Having bought a turd they shouldn’t complain if it smells.

  • fridgemonkey

    Verity, I concede you conceded, how rash of me.

    I do apologise.

    The status of shitty housing in Glasgow becomes irrelevant in this debate of course, since Galloway wasn’t born there; and I never said he wasn’t clever.

  • Johnathan

    I rather like Rod Liddle’s advice to Saddam’s little helper in relation to the unfortunate M. Barrymoore: Don’t stand too close to the pool, mate.

  • Della

    George has now been nominated to be up for eviction, if you want to end his publicity stunt call:

    From UK: 09011 32 33 04
    From North America: 011 44 9011 32 33 04
    From Europe: 00 44 9011 32 33 04

    Votes cost 50p (if you call from the UK), 16p goes to charity, I’m not sure if it is George Galloways Interpal “charity” (which is banned in the US) though. The longer he stays the more free publicity he gets particularly amoungst young impressionable minds.

  • The revenue from voter phonelines will be distributed equally among the housemates’ charities, irrespective of how many votes each one gets. If you disapprove (as I do) of Channel 4 allowing punters’ money to go to Interpal, the best thing to do is not to phone in the first place.

    He’s not getting to grandstand anyway, all they are showing on their highlights show is footage of him bitching about the others. I say let him stay! It’s amusing stuff, and it’s (in my opinion) making him look like a fool.

  • Dave F

    That swimming pool business must be where they got the plot of Layer Cake.

  • Jim P

    The revenue from voter phonelines will be distributed equally among the housemates’ charities, irrespective of how many votes each one gets.

    Does that mean the US contestants are breaking Section 805 of the USA PATRIOT Act, which makes it illegal to provide material support for “designated terrorist organisations”, of which Interpal is one?

  • Della

    Does that mean the US contestants are breaking Section 805 of the USA PATRIOT Act, which makes it illegal to provide material support for “designated terrorist organisations”, of which Interpal is one?

    Good question. It is on the list, and I suppose it could be argued that they are providing financial support in some way by taking part in what is in effect a fund raiser.

  • Lol, a RESPECT drone was on the Daily Politics defending his actions against quite a bit of criticism. She said he was there to expose “the issues” to non-political audience. She was roasted by Andrew Neil and co as you can imagine.

    If there is a God; he GG will piss off Rodman enough so Rodman goes apeshit all over GG.

  • Verity

    No! Don’t contribute money to Interpal!! Don’t call their bloody phone lines (just a suggestion).

    I mean, who c-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-r-e-s? These people are all scum. Galloway’s constituents will punish him.

  • Della

    Unfortunately he seems to be getting quite a lot of positive publicity from this from the more naive elements in society, of which there’s lots. I feel that his inability to hold any political conversations is somewhat masking his dark side, he does have some charm, he wouldn’t have got anywhere if he didn’t have that.

    It would be best if this thing ended as soon as possible.

  • Verity

    Della, he does have charm, he has a quick wit and an agenda that we are not privy to. The people who dub him a moron aren’t paying attention.

    That is why I thought the US blogsites who are running their Idiotarian of The Year competitions were way off the mark to include his name. George Galloway is many things, but an idiotarian he is not.

  • RAB

    I read an article in the Guardian that said they were actually censoring Gorgeous…. bleeping anything political. Why? whats he for otherwise?
    All I saw was him and Rula moaning about the rest of the z list cretins in the next room.
    I’m with Verity on this one George is a snake, but stupid? No.

  • Tomahawk

    George’s SWP allies in RESPECT are none too pleased with his antics in BB, as this terse statement (Link)(after a long silence) makes plain.

    (Hat tip: Harry’s Place)

  • chas

    Galloway cannot be such an inteligent fellow as he went in to bb to gain the young vote and has slated every young person in the house so far , he seems to think all young people are depraved or stupid not the best way to get our vote.

  • james parker

    Mr galloway is one of the only mp’s to stp forward who has met saddam and foremd any sort of opposition.

    If you understand the pentagon and the ministry of defence you will understand why he wanted to go on air.

  • Jen

    I don’t get why everyone is going mental about this. The man is a politician of some repute, and so he was asked to go on Celebrity Big Brother. I am not a fan of the show, and find it boring as hell, but the Celebrity show is for charity. What has he got to gain from being on it? Nothing. He’s out there making a fool of himself on national TV for charity. Give the guy a break.

  • George Galloway was not born in the slums of Glasgow. He was born in the City of Dundee – there are no slums there.

  • chas

    Anyone who believes someone goes on bb with no personal gain is being naive.It’s true Galloway has shown more humanity than other mp’s to be humiliated for charity, but Sadam is guilty of crimes against humanity for murder and torture in the past ,for which he should be punished.Yet our country made sure Sadam was de- armed before we invaded an innocent country, under false pre tenses we went to war over money and power, that is the simplicity of our crimes against humanity for murder and torture we are no different to america or Sadam and Galloway is no different from any other MP =Money and Power!