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Latics for the Champions League?

I have always had a soft spot for Wigan Athletic. Ever since they entered the former Fourth Division in 1978, they have struck me as plucky underdogs in football and in their home town. Association football in Wigan holds the same status as rugby union in Australia, I suspect.

Now, the Latics, under the inspired leadership of their manager, Paul Jewell, sit just under the superstars of the English Premiership. If they maintain the successful record that recently gained Jewell Manager of the Month for September, this team might be in the running for a spot in the Champions League. Such a success would confirm that the pyramid structure of the English leagues, helped by financial patronage, is not entirely dead.

However, Wigan tended to fade in the latter part of the season when they played in the First Division and, odds on, this will happen in the next few months. Still, let their fans dream of UEFA for this year, if nothing else.

3 comments to Latics for the Champions League?

  • The Wobbly Guy

    As well as smaller clubs could do in England, I think the way the Champions League has been set up really discriminates against the smaller clubs. It’s getting next to impossible to establish any form of pedigree and prestige in Europe unless your club already has an illustrious history, or some wealthy owner as backer.


  • The analogies are probably simpler than that. I think Association Football in Wigan probably has about the same status that Association Football does in Australia. Rugby Union in Wigan probably has about the status that Rugby Union does in an Australia, also.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Wigan Athletic vs Real Madrid does have a certain romance about it.