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Harry Hutton squashes Pilger about Colombia … from Colombia

Harry Hutton mostly does sarky, misanthropic humour, so this on the spot reportage from Colombia might very well get missed by a lot of more earnest types than him who would appreciate reading it.

Here is John Pilger arguing that American military aid has caused a humanitarian disaster in Colombia. The trouble with this is that, since the really huge flows of US arms and money began, the level of violence has plunged.

Kidnapping fell 42% last year, and 26% the year before that; the number of massacres was down 53% in 2004, and murder fell 17.7%; street crime, the number of displaced persons, crime against taxi drivers… all down. And every single Colombian I have spoken to, without a single exception, has told me that the situation has improved. I had dinner with some foreign human rights workers, who told me that this was also their strong impression.

Harry’s commenters have mostly concentrated not on whether the above reportage is true, but rather about the rights and wrongs of legalising the drugs, the proceeds of which are so much a part of the problems of Colombia. Or maybe not, because Colombia has always been a violent place. I favour total drug legalisation for all the usual libertarian reasons, but whatever you think about that, this is an interesting piece of reportage.

A few other commenters have also pointed out what a lying twat Pilger is. It is good that such drivel as his can now be challenged quickly by bloggers who, unlike Pilger, actually know what Pilger is talking about. Had I come across it by some other route, I would have dismissed Pilger’s piece as almost certainly being made-up rubbish, purely because of who it is by, but it is nice to be sure.

8 comments to Harry Hutton squashes Pilger about Colombia … from Colombia

  • This shouldn’t annoy me but it does: it’s Colombia, OK? Not Columbia, Colombia. Otherwise, yes, agreed, Pilger is a buffoon.

  • Indeed: Colombia not Columbia. I have corrected the many misspellings in the original.

    Apoligies all round.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Harry’s blog is hilarious, well worth a daily visit. I love the blog’s name.

  • I’m wondering what happens when the arms
    and money supply dries up. It can’t go on forever.

  • simon rudd

    The proof is in the pudding…

  • Paul Marks

    Why do you assume that Mr Pilger “does not know what he is talking about”, normally Mr Pilger knows that what he writes or broadcasts is not true.

    Mr Pilger has a political agenda (death to the “capitalist west”) and will say or write anything to push that agenda forward. It is rather well known – so well known that Mr Pilger name has become a verb.

    To “pilger” is to lie.

  • jucamo1972

    Although what is said is true, the media in Colombia are owned by the few elite.The leading newspaper in the capital of Colombia is owned by the vice-president and his family. So kidnappings are down but we are seeing the country being given away to U.S interests, such as AFTA.

  • Ah Colombia, well I am going to do everything possible to change the view of people towards my country.