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Right-Wing Nut Job vs. Liberal Wiener

This is the best animation I have come across in a good while.

It it appears to be a genuinely non-partisan poke at the Bush vs. Kerry contest and although it may take a few minutes to download it is slickly produced and very funny, even for an Englishman.

11 comments to Right-Wing Nut Job vs. Liberal Wiener

  • James

    I’m up late ensuring the damn washing machine doesn’t spill water all over the kitchen again.

    This completely brightened up my morning. Great stuff 🙂

  • Pete_London


  • John J. Coupal

    Seems like Brits like Christopher Hitchens, Andrew Sullivan, Allistair Cooke, Margaret Thatcher – and now these folk -have/had greater insight into the American persona than most yanks do!

  • jk

    …even funny for an Englishman! Now that’s high praise!

  • MrO

    The JibJab brothers are being interviewed on Leno’s Tonight Show, as I type…

  • lindenen

    So what are they saying about the JibJab brothers?

  • Onnatop

    Leave it to Brits to take credit for something they had nothing to do with. Btw, the jib jab brothers, who happen to have a Greek sir name, are from New Jersey. And yes, I realize the English also invented the internet.

  • snide

    Onnatop, you are a dickhead… Carr is an Englishman and he found it funny, there was no claim that an Englishman created the damn comedy thing. He is saying that even though it is about US politics, it is funny even for an Englishman (himself).

    And as it happens, an Englishman did invent the world wide web. I take it English is not your first (or even second) language. Putz.

  • Yeah, kick him in the head. And while you’re at it.. visit our website,


    and buy a T-shirt to support the campaign… and remember, Jesus votes republican.


  • Onnatop

    snide, you’re a ninny. That sentence with “for” implies that the Englishmen was the perpetrator of funniness. WHich we know could never be the case. Had he said “to”, well then you’re heroic rescue mightn’t have been superfluous. See also jk’s comment ya jackass.

    Bwt, agreed the www is great. Without it, people with your preponderance of wisdom would have less reach. However, doesn’t really imply network of networks does it?