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Farting in the church of Kofi

Ben Hammersley has put a bounty on Kofi Annan’s head.


Annan is an object of undeserved worship, and the way to treat objects of undeserved worship is to blow raspberries at them. This Bounty Bar makes a fine raspberry. I make that three incompatible metaphors. Salutations to Photoshop, and to Normblog for the link.

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4 comments to Farting in the church of Kofi

  • Comment deleted by editor:

    thou shalt not spam us, no matter how worthy the cause. If you want to use us as a platform for your views, bloody well ask us first.

  • Kofi really only deserves Snickers, not a Bounty.

  • Verity

    That photo is hysterical.

  • Verity

    Bruce – No, no and no! Frozen Snickers and beer – a treat fit for Homer Simpson.

    Bounty is, on the other hand, unctuous, false, overly sweet and advertised with extreme pretentiousnes. Perfect for the phony, chocolate-covered coconut.