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Mark your calendar

Elon Musk of PayPal fame will be unveiling his spacecraft in Washington DC next month:

Smithsonian Date Confirmed
The date for unveiling Falcon in Washington DC is now confirmed and will be Dec 4th at the Smithsonian. The actual vehicle itself, along with the mobile launcher, will be available for public viewing that evening after 7pm. It was not logistically possible to fit Falcon in the Smithsonian, so it will be located nearby.

His new company, SpaceX, is planning a first launch of their re-usable launch vehicle some time early in the new year.

Elon is just one of the new breed of technology billionaires who have realized NASA is a waste of space. They have come to the not so new conclusion that: “If you want anything done right, you had better do it yourself”.

Swift Enterprises are alive and well and living in America.

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