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The search for the Holy Grail

No, I don’t mean some figurative ‘holy grail’, nor do I mean Monty Python & The Holy Grail, I really do mean the real purported The Holy Grail.

A group of modern day Knights Templar will be using modern thermal imaging and ultrasound technologies to search Rosslyn Chapel, in Scotland, long thought to be final resting place of what is said to be the real Holy Grail.

4 comments to The search for the Holy Grail

  • Jacob

    I think it would be best to look near the real shroud of Jesus.

  • No doubt in another 500 years nuts with gadgets will be searching the Canyon of the Crescent Moon, where the Holy Grail is thought to be buried.


  • Graham Hancock has put forward the thesis that the Grail was originally the Tablets of the Laws, housed in the Ark of the Covenant, and a medieval mistranslation turned it into a cup. He wrote a book suggesting that the Ark might be found in an Ethiopian church. Others think it might still be found buried deep under Jerusalem. What a storm that would cause!

  • Didn’t anyone tell them that we’ve already got one?