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Newsflash! Debian security server destroyed in fire

Hot off the Debian-Security mail list:

“It has been confirmed that the Twente University server rooms have now completely burned down. This means, (security,non-us,nm,qa}.debian.org and ftp.snt.utwente.nl are now lost. Rest in peace…

To translate and summarize http://www.webwereld.nl/nieuws/13242.phtml: “The fire started a little after 8AM CET. There are no casualties. The near Dutch-German internet exchange will take over some of the SURFnet activities. The network will probably be up again tomorrow, with help from HP. A new server room in another building was already being prepared anyway for use next month…”

And yes, also in the Netherlands it’s highly unusual that such a fire happens.

Regards, Pieter-Paul”

1 comment to Newsflash! Debian security server destroyed in fire

  • Sigivald

    Why is it especially unusual that such fires happen in the Netherlands?

    Are electronics less likely to overheat or catch fire in the Low Countries? Do they have special Server Room Fire Brigades that had the day off that day?

    Most peculiar.