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Good riddance

Moors murderess Myra Hindley has just died and is hopefully now burning in hell. Good riddance.

9 comments to Good riddance

  • Ralf Goergens

    Feeling vengeful, Perry? 🙂

  • Paul

    Her just being dead is good enough for me.
    A little late though.

  • I note from the story in the Guardian that she was a chain smoker receiving nicotine patches from your National Health Service, apparently to keep her from smoking and further damaging her health. I don’t know how prisons are run in the UK, but wouldn’t it have been easier just to forbid her cigarettes? It is a prison, right? Or was this a ploy to prolong her misery in this world?

  • The worst thing is the way Joan Smith, Yazmin Alibi-cretin and the rest of the detritus will blame it all on men. Read’em and weep.

  • Rich

    At the end of a dismal dreary week, at last some good news. The weekend is looking up!

  • Brian Micklethwait

    Newsnight this evening revealed something I didn’t know until now. Apparently Hindley and Brady, like Hannibal Lector, used to listen to classical music.

  • Dave Crawford

    In the US that horrible woman would’ve had her date with Old Smokey around 1968/69. Torturing a little girl to death, how foul and evil, and yes, you give up any remaining claims to being a human by doing that — you’re an animal. Please tell me why the American justice system is not more fair.

  • Clem Snide

    Moors Militants, not “Moors Murderer”. Show some impartiality, for God’s sake. She may not have liked children, but let’s be fair, the children didn’t like her either.

  • Tim Haas

    Dave wrote:

    “Please tell me why the American justice system is not more fair.”

    Here’s one reason — ’cause it screws up so often in capital cases, in which death sentences are pursued by elected district attorneys for political gain.

    Here’s another — if you won’t grant the state control over [fill in libertarian gripe], why on earth would you grant it the cudgel (power switch?) of death?