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Bali bomb bind

Tim Blair has noted an arkward fact about the Bali bombing for the Australian left to deal with, namely that the Australian left’s (entirely reasonable) campaign to free East Timor from Indonesia was one of the things that provoked the bombing, according to the latest production from Bin Laden Records and Tapes.

They are in a bind; how now do they blame the Howard government for making us a terror target by aligning with the US when their own pet issue seems to have done the same thing?

Good question.

11 comments to Bali bomb bind

  • David Carr

    Oh, I’m sure they’ll find a way.

    Remember, being a socialist means never having to say you’re sorry

  • Anonymous

    Lord Nelson may well have been the avatar of the Norse god Tyr.

  • Alfred E. Neuman

    I have no idea what your post has to do with anything, anonymous, but isn’t Tyr an Old German god, not Norse? God of war, whose Norse equivalent would probably be Thor? I’m not being snarky, I’m genuinely asking.

  • Felonious Punk

    No Tyr was an old Norse god but all the Norse gods had German analogues. So IIRC, Tiw was the ancient German version of Tyr. Thor is a different character; Tyr is a god of war and law, and is missing his hand (Fenris Wolf bit it off) and Thor is the god of thunder.

    But yeah, talk about a non sequitor. Unless Lord Nelson is planning on coming down from Valhalla to smite the Bali bombers.

  • Dale Amon

    You mean as in logic, like the Iraq Liberation Act to declaring regime change in Iraq as official US Government policy, passed under the Clinton Presidency in about 1997 now being forgotten by the people who were in the White House at the time and all of their supporters?

    “I can think ten impossible things before breakfast”

  • It couldn’t just be that the left are unhappy with the notion of things having prices full stop, could it? You know, too capitalistic.

    I know that the Revolutionary Left has always been more than happy with talk of how some people must pay the price for the coming victory of the working class, but that was more military. Runnng the “paying the price” metaphor through the filter of the making war metaphor cleaned it up a little, and removed the nasty smell of that word “price”.

  • 1. Perhaps Anon is referring to Nelson’s attack on Copenhagen which would explain the avatar reference.

    2. Perhaps we are seeing a steady erosion of the left. More and more will realise that the Islamofascists oppose their values and come around to support for armed conflict. Five years time: International Brigades in Saudi Arabia?

  • myron

    Odd fact: Ghadaffi wrote, in his little green book, that the Koran was not subject to the interpretatrion of a mullah or an Imam.
    Do the passed-over imams get upset with The Libyan leaders usurping of their supposed authority? Or do they overlook this if the infidel(K in this case) is killing those more infidel than he is? Miserable stupid murderous religion, devoid of any semblance of logic…
    This might explain why Spin Laden, Arabfat and others chose, not only to interpret the koran themselves, but to issue fatwas, geeehods, and the idiotarian follow-up explanations as to why people got murdered. Muslims got themselves fried and pureed just for showing up for work in the World Trade Center, along with jews, christians and atheists. Minus an adequate explanation from the evil one, to their families.
    With significant non terrorist muslims living in the sixty od countries also infested with al queda, is al queda counting on the Stalin corrolary, the ” a million dead is a statistic” rule to gloss over the fact that muslims will die in terrorist acts in western cities?
    Bush was right, these killers have hijacked a once great religion.

  • Ghaddafi once described himself as an “Islamic Protestant”. If he’s the Muslim Martin Luther…oh brother!

  • Anonymous

    Or maybe the Muslim QEII.